Mass Effect (AU)

Mass Effect went on sale in Australia today the 16/11.

That is all.

Damn, I wish I knew this before I picked up the witcher yesterday.

Sweet lord! WOO! I’ll get it tomorrow then… except I’m working from 11.30am till 10.00 pm.


Good thing you’re not in Singapore. And enjoy all the lesbian sex!

Nov 15th, 2007 | SINGAPORE – Singapore has banned an Xbox video game because it contains a sex scene between a woman and a female alien, the city-state’s censors said Thursday.

“Mass Effect,” a futuristic space adventure published by Microsoft Corp., has been banned because of “lesbian intimacy,” Chetra S., deputy director of the Board of Film Censors, in a statement.

Players can engage their avatars in a variety of sexual encounters during the game, though none between men or between men and male aliens, according to reports on several blogs. The human-alien duo are depicted kissing and caressing each other in a sex scene that The Straits Times English-language newspaper in Singapore reported ends with the alien saying, “By the gods, that was incredible, commander.”

“Straights Times” maybe? Hey, I don’t write this stuff.

And the ban has been lifted:

Played it for about 4 hours last night. I like it be it hasn’t “blown me away”… yet. But neither did BG1 at first. Its a good storey so far. So far it has redeemed Bioware IMO for Jade Empire and the SP NWN experience.

The controls took some getting use to and my only “complaint” is that it would have been nice for a “chase” camera. At the moment the camera and the character are independent of each other so you have to use both joystick thingies when moving to keep things in focus. But I got use to the mechanic quickly enough.

This is the second game released ahead of the USA. Anyone care to tell me why? EBgames guy had no idea.

I believe that EB Games AU said “Screw the street date”.

People have been sporatically been able to purchase ME from KMart and Zellars in the States, but only if their Point Of Sales tills weren’t set up right.

I heard it was more like, “Microsoft failed to issue us with a street date, and this is not our problem.”

Whats the official street date in the USA? 22/11?

Too dang long from now. (And that applies to whenever now is, up until it’s finally out.)

No sir, Tuesday the 20th.

Bioware guys,
Great job on the voice acting. Its done exceptionally well. And the “cinematic dialogue” is innovative and engrossing touch. My wife saw me playing the game for a few minutes and said “its like a movie”.

Its the first game since PS:T and BGx that I actually READ all the related support info in the journals, codex etc.

Elevator music - nice touch :)

Hard street dates for game software sucks donkey balls. I realize there are certain good marketing reasons to have a date by which the game will be for sale, but if the game is done and shipped and is just sitting in stores’ back rooms for weeks, well that’s fucking stupid and doesn’t really benefit anyone (I guess with the exception of giving companies that put out huge games like Halo 3 bragging rights for most game sold in a day/weekend, but who fucking cares?). So fuck everyone who is responsible for such bullshit.

My wife saw me playing the game for a few minutes and said “its like a movie”.

It’s like a movie exept the subtitles are right in the middle of the screen (how did that pass QA ???)

Also done a very good job of making the negative/evil options not sound silly, childish or stupid.

No subtitles for me. Have them off. Though if they are in the middle that is a little stupid.

I find subtitles distracting. I end up reading them instead of “watching” which affect immersion.

Derek, if the two worst game complaints you get are subtitles and slow elevators I’d be very happy :)

Finished the first major area last night. A few questions - how do you get more grenades? Havent found a vendor for them and how do you transfer mods between squad members? Shepherd has all the mods and the other characters cant see them.

And how the hec do you get the credits to buy some of the uber weapons and armour worth 400,000$ when after 6 hours I have a measely 1.2k…?

Excellent character design on the aliens as well. I am also noticing influence (or a nod?) to BSG and Planescape in there.

There are specific upgrades to increase grenade capacity. Also, the inventory is shared; if the other party members can’t see an item, they either can’t use it or someone has it equipped.

There are ways to get money besides selling and enemy drops. I didn’t buy that much, as I prefer to save up for something significantly better. It’s worth getting the “1,000,000 credits” achievement.

Thanks. I have seen the upgrades for grenades however I dont seem to have any. As nothing happend when I press the back button on the controler. I figured I had run out or something. They are not unlimited or auto-refereshing are they?