Mass Effect: Did I blow my romance?


So, I had my first romance talk with Liara. Yes we like each other, but she needs to think about it. (I’m female) I go over to talk to Kaiden, and at one point tell him, “Liara means nothing to me.” Later in the convo I tell him to pound sand, that I wasn’t interested in him.

Am I screwed with Liara?

I blew my romance in BG2 and it upset me so much I shelved the game for a year.

EDIT: and of course the convo option itself didn’t say, you know, “Liara means nothing to me.” It said something more neutral than that, which is why I reluctantly chose it.

Get out more.

I just finished the romance quest with Ashley. The sex cut scene is tastefully done and awesome.

Actually, if he screwed up the relationship in BG2 irreparably and never kept any saves to go back and fix it, he needs to stay home more and get the hang of these here RPGs.


I figured that Liara would be a love interest for either a male or a female protagonist. But does Ashley go lez? Does Kaidan go gay?

Why can’t it be more like Viva Pinata?

Kaiden doesn’t go gay.

My Shepard is a male. I wouldn’t know.

The romance quests in Mass Effect are much better than the ones in KOTOR and KOTOR 2.

Well, that was just it - and thus, the purpose of this thread. I didn’t know the romance was blown at the time. It was 5-10 hours of gaming later that I started having doubts.

I don’t want to repeat the same mistake. If I blew it with Liara, I’d like to reload NOW and lose an hour, rather than reload 5 hours from now.

What we need right here is some decision tree analysis.

You might not have blown it, but you won’t know for sure for another 10 hours of gameplay. Let’s say your chance of getting laid with this decision is 50%
Yes, you blew it, but you can get back to this point in about 1 hour of play. Your chance of getting laid with this decision is 100%.

50% * 10 = 5 hours.

5 hours > 1 hour.

So the most efficient choice with the data we have is for you to redo that conversation.

Try harder. You’ll get the hang of posting something worth reading one of these days, I’m sure! ^_^

Also, who the hell actually does the romances in these games? I find most of the characters far too irritating to bother doing them.

You want an RPG game with sex and tits then play the Witcher. There’s no romancin’ needed.

Otherwise, I’m waiting for a game with a female lead that isn’t Ms. Stick-up-her-ass or Ms. I-Like-Burning-Things-Fuck-you-For-Putting-Water-on-my-Fires.

Who pissed in your wheaties?

Anyways, back to the OP. Why not just look the conversation tree up on gamefaqs or something? I mean, I read all the possible romances in BG2 on gamefaqs, so I never felt the need to actually make them happen in-game.

Besides, it’s not like this company is known for writing good romances. The one with Anomen (which is the one I actually did make happen in-game) left a bad taste in my mouth.

Mass Effect features sex cut scenes if you finish the romance quest. With nudity, too (though the good bits are covered Austin Powers-style). Also, they’re kinda artsy, with sappy music and some werid camera effects.

Ashley’s breasts seem to be much bigger when she’s naked than when she’s wearing her armor, IMO.

Actually, your chance of getting laid with this decision is 0%. And that’s only because negative percentages aren’t allowed in probability.

Your chance of seeing an unconvincingly-rendered computer-generated character get laid is significantly increased, though, so there’s that.

You know, Ashley seems so stuck up and sheltered in her belief system that I think I could turn her with the right conversation choices.

Also, there is no Mass Effect FAQ yet. People are too busy playing to write one.

I was deep in some conversation tree with her and Shepard made some pass at her and she said something to the effect of, “You know, Skipper, I’m a hellcat off the battlefield too.”

In former Soviet Union romance blow you.

My wife and I both burst out laughing when she replied to Shepard’s statement that he’d be taking a lot of cold showers with “That’s the spirit, Skipper. Keep a stiff upper… something.”

Ashley has some good responses in general. If you take her and the other human (who I keep thinking of as “Carth”) into Cora’s Den, the byplay between the two when you talk to her is pretty hilarious.

Plus she’s pretty deadly with a sniper rifle!