Mass Effect: Did I blow my romance?

Speaking of dialog and responses, there is (was?) a spot open on the Bioware Austin writing team.

I’m going to pursue the Asari NPC for my first character (can you do anything with the Galarian chick?), since I’m roleplaying a 100 percent soldier class military man, who isn’t afraid to point a gun at your head to support the law, but is otherwise pretty fair and easygoing, but he’s also a supporter of species integration and cooperation. Ashley and that fucking navigator get the 'tude from me.

Sort of off topic, but I find my roleplaying style a little “balanced.” My character right now is both ranked paragon and renegade, or whatever the first “bad” rank is. Is this going to be a problem down the line? I’m tired of playing straight laced characters and I find some of the choices a little morally ambiguous anyhow.

Your Charm and Intimidate skills are capped by how high your paragon/renegade scales are, so if you split the difference between the two you won’t be able to get truly high-level Charm/Intimidate. Which is pretty important near the end of the game in a number of areas.

From the Something Awful ME FAQ:
I think I screwed up the space sex achievement!
You didn’t, don’t be in such a rush, they’ll let you know when they’re ready.


Balasarius, the next relationship conversation you have will be the OMG YOU FICKLE BITCH PICK ONE OF US conversation. Just like every other BioWare female relationship “quest.”

It is actually possible to go too far with one of them and close the romance option with the other without ever getting the “choose one of us” cutscene. I forget what line of dialogue causes this though.

Heh heh, he said “blow.” Heh heh!

So which characters are romance-able? I feel lost without a FAQ for such important subjects!

Kaiden for female main characters, Ashley for males and Liara for both.

Hmm, never been interested in video game romance.

I think that’s because i’ve had and continue to have the real thing.

Whoa! What a confession!

Also it gives you girl cooties.

Obviously anyone who’s likes romantic subplots in videogames are sad lonely geeks in their mother’s basement who’ve never known the touch of a woman. They’re probably ugly too.

And fat.

I was hoping for Tali myself. :|

That’s a bunch of balderdash. If that were so, no one would be interested in romance novels or movies with people kissing in them.

Find a different reason.

Well, we all assumed you had hands, otherwise how would you type?

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Also, wow, racy game making decision.

The relationship sidequest with the drow chick in BG2 was so hilarious. “You disgust me!..but you can have me for tonight. Ugh! You are a foul creature and it shames my ancestry that I even converse with such a lower race…I would kill you if I didn’t find you so irresistable!”