Mass Effect for PC?

Any word on whether they plan a PC version?

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Nothing announced as far as I know, but considering that BioWare is making it, I would not be surprised to see it on the PC down the road.

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BioWare staff have said that Microsoft paid for an exclusive. Therefore, I very much doubt they would say anything until the exclusivity period expires (A year? Two years?).


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To answer the original question, in my unprofessional opinion, Mass Effect for the PC is inevitable, but be prepared to wait.


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A Mass Effect port to the PC is inevitable, as said above, but it’s going to take
from a year to…whatever. The controls will also suck with anything but a gamepad :P

Let me just point out that the PC controls for Jade Empire were hailed as superior by reviews. If Bioware does there homework, and chances are they will, I see no reason for history to not repeat itself. Which, also, unfortunately means Mass Effect will have even less of an RPG element then JE.

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Mass Effect is UE3, they could put the thing on PC or PS3 if they wanted, contractual obligations with Microsoft aside.

Insiders shouldn’t be allowed into speculative threads unless they are willing to say something relevant to the discussion. :-)

I’m watching this thread closely; a very similar one on OO collapsed into a flamewar of Michigan College Football '07 badness proportions.