Mass Effect for the PC sooner than later?

Then again, here are some further rumor details:

Would be nice if it was true. There was never any doubt it’d be coming to the PC (in my mind, at least), but until it’s official, I’ll only get mildly interested in the rumours.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see one eventually but this is way too soon. Bioware devs have publically stated that MS paid for X360 exclusivity and while I guess anything can change, for it to be listed by a retailer should mean they had already been working on it for a while.

PC is generally not considered as breaking exclusivity. Gears of War was released to PC after a year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see ME out for PC by the end of this year.

I think you’ll find that’s an issue with the engine…

This being an Xbox port, I presume it will be afflicted by Games For Windows - LIVE?

Hmm…OK, but that doesn’t hold true for this same developer in the past. Jade Empire took a lot longer for the PC specifically because of the exclusivity deal:

We had to hold it up on the Xbox for 2 years. That was the Xbox Exclusive deal that BioWare made with Microsoft – no platform beyond the Xbox for a year and a half, if I remember correctly, and Microsoft has the right to match offers to put it on other platforms (that is to say, if BioWare got an offer from a publisher to put Jade on the PS2 for a million dollars, Microsoft had the right to give us a million and one (or something legalistic like that) to NOT put it out on the PS2).

The PS2 is used as an example but the context of the whole discussion is the delay with the PC.

Where’s that quote from? All the statements I’ve seen from the doctors were merely “no comment”.

I’ll have to go back and look, but I think it came from a Bioware forum when I did a search for “Mass Effect for PC”.

Here’s the link:

Thanks for the link. With some more googling I found that Chris Priestley is a community manager at Bioware. However, it’s a very old quote – note the “is planned as”. The quote is on the unofficial FAQ page which was last updated in October 2007.

Personally I still think we’re going to see as PC version, though if they really had not started back in 2007 we might have to wait until 2009.

It plays like Brute Force did on the original Xbox. Except with the added possibility of trying to micromanage your party’s tech/biotic (think “non-infringing Star Wars force powers”) abilities.

Sure but If MS is going to publish on the PC then they can certainly move it up. In the case of Jade Empire I would guess that MS was unwilling to publish it on PC so Bioware had to wait until the end of the exclusivity period before taking it to Take 2. I imagine that MS will be much more interested in putting ME on PC.

Why would MS want to move it up now? The X360 has…what? One exclusive western-style RPG? I don’t just don’t see MS moving quickly to sign some sort of co-publishing deal with EA and dilute their already weak RPG offerings.

Hmmm, this was in an e-mail I got from gameshadow.

Basically it says a blogger, who works at a “video game store” got a release from EA listing their upcoming titles and one of the SKUs is for "MASS EFFECT PC DVD 5030945065685 EAN07706226 TBC TBC ACTION 18+ 25 SWE ENG "

Somewhat confirming that it is coming to PC sometime soon?

Also, the gameshadow e-mail lists a “leak” from a Chinese partner about Blizzard’s upcoming MMO, confirming it is in fact Starcraft Online.
Link to that story here .

Because it’s likely to sell better in 2008 on the PC than 2010? Delaying the Halo games extensively sort of made sense since MS wanted to keep them to drive 360 sales. But ME is going to have a much lower effect on that than Halo and ME’s ability to sell Xbox 360s will likely be diminished by this holiday season.

I predict that they make it Vista and DX10 only in an effort to drive Vista sales.

Man, I hope not. I’m perfectly happy with XP, and want to play Mass Effect rather badly.

Then you should want the Vista version! rimshot

Yes, I previously provided a link to a screenshot showing that earlier in this thread :)

Eh its probably not gonna sell well on the platform any time it comes out. We’re talking about the PC here.