Mass Effect : PC or 360?

Eurogamer has more details on the PC version and an interview with Bioware’s Matt Atwood about ME and other stuff. The PC version will have…

[ul][li]Shorter loading times
[/li][li]Better textures and less pop-in
[/li][li]Weapons and abilities mapped to number keys
[/li][li]Can give orders to individual teammates
[/li][li]Inventory with a new list layout
[/li][li]New hacking minigame[/ul]
Atwood says they started the conversion near the end of 360 development. No extra content, still no word on whether 360 DLC will come to the PC. Also, no demo.

Well I broke down and bought a 360 version for $35 yesterday as I just happened across someone local selling a copy. I suppose less texture pop-in and that sort of stuff might have been nice had I waited for the PC version, but having played last evening and today it really feels like one of those games that’s more suited for the big screen anyway.

Sprawled on the couch in a near vegetative state FTW.