Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

Sure, it’s got some great moments. Big points for the toothbrush callback. It just seemed odd to me, tonally. Again, this was intentional and I get it, and I guess I’m not even really complaining. It was fun. I just noticed it more this time around.

Wrapped up my ME3 playthrough last night, still such a great series to run through. But I must admit that going back-to-back through all 3, I am experiencing a bit of burnout. Maybe after some time passes I’ll boot up Andromeda again.

I feel like I missed a few things in 3, though I tried to be quite thorough. For instance, I’m pretty sure back in my original playthrough I ran into Kelly Chambers on the Citadel at some point. It stands out in my mind because I believe I accidentally got her killed. This time though, I never saw Kelly anywhere, and I looped through the whole thing multiple times mopping up sidequests.

Another funny thing, probably a bug, when it was time to throw the big bash in Anderson’s apartment, I used the ‘invite everyone’ option and didn’t notice until the end of the party that Miranda didn’t show. Not sure how that happened.

Anyway, really pleased to say the series still holds up. Maybe I’ll play it through again some time in the future. Still a few achievements I could grab, I guess.

The best parts of the Citadel DLC:

  • You get the most OP pistol in the game
  • You go through the hardest fights in the game. Everything after that is GG, EZ

So I see they’ve unearthed a Reaper in Australia

You only meet her on Citadel in ME3 if you had dinner with her in ME2 =) So… I never met her in ME3 lol.

Hmm, I think you have to go through 3 talking stages with her on the Citadel, grant her some things throught he Specter console and warn her about Kai Leng, before she’ll join you anywhere. Not sure though!

One neat little diddy in ME3 is Conrad Verner.
If you were nice to him in ME1, and told him not to become a Specter, and helped him out in ME2, you’ll meet him in ME3. He’ll ALSO apologize for saying that you’d shoved a gun in his face, even if you didn’t (!!), and ask if he can help with anything. Turns out, this fella wrote a dissertation on dark materia and can actually help out with the Crucible.

ALSO if you helped Jenna in ME2 and got her out of the under cover job, she shows up just as Conrad is saving your life, and actually saves Conrads life.

That’s a lovely little tie up, even if the war asset isn’t worth much, I just love this kinds of details.

Yup. And 95% of the game is like this. It’s why I still love the game despite the last 10 minutes or so.

Why didn’t my scars carry over to ME3?

I let a vampire onto my ship to earn those red eyes and facial scars goddammit.

Haha. Did you play as Paragon? If you did, your scars automatically heal

Edit: sorry, read that twice, you obviously didn’t

Well, I have no side missions left, no scanning, and my war assets are maxed.
I’m currently on shore leave, but I’m trying to stall as much as possible at this point. I just don’t want it to be over.

Also: I’ve locked in romance with Garrus. You’d think they’d tone down the flirting between Tali and Garrus if so, but NO. I’m busy saving the galaxy but I’m also jealous of the flirtatious banter between a turian and a quarian on my ship. Fml.

I don’t share my turians!

I’ve heard Turians are very flexible - alas Shepherd appears not to be.

I only have reach

To by fair, Garrus was the one who asked me if I was ready to be a one-Turian-kind of girl

I always assumed Turians had barbs. Like cats.

Oh hell no

But… Mordus sent vids. And… salve

I actually also found Turians to look quite cat like (I think it’s the nose?) but I’ve heard humans refer to them as birds? I dunno.

Possibly due to the ‘flaps’ on the side, like some birds/ducks:


oh wow

Who’s Barb?

Lost to the upside down.