Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

From the prerelease stuff I would expect ME1 to be substantially improved in playability and 2 and 3 to be nearly identical to the original releases.

It really most likely comes down to “did they introduce a bug or issue that didn’t get addressed in the day 1 patch” for me. It would be annoying to find out there is some sort of game breaking/progress blocking bug at the end of ME1 or introduced by importing a save now that wasn’t a problem years ago. Fingers crossed nothing like that happens.

I need to hear from more people telling me how they aren’t getting this. I’m having withdrawals.

I’m currently replaying the originals with texture and gamepad mods.

I’m still deciding if I’ll buy this on release, or wait for the first big discount some months later. I’m not in a rush to replay ME (though I want to do so), and I have plenty of games to play for a good while.

Without the MP, it’s a pass for me.

Already preordered for XSX, happy it doesn’t have multiplayer so I don’t have to grind to get a good ending in ME3.

Never saw the re-done endings for ME3, so I’ll have a reward at the end.

Question will be if I can force myself to play Renegade.

This is me. I’ve thought about replaying a few times in the last year, but the persistent rumors of the LE have made me wait. Now that it’s about to come out, the month is crammed with other games I want to play (as I mentioned in the Wallet Threat thread). So I’ll wait for a discount. I imagine around the holiday season I’ll be able to pay half price or so.

I’ve been wanting to replay this since I originally went manshep and not femshep, so in many ways I feel like I haven’t really played the game properly. I didn’t touch any DLC either, so this combined with my having forgotten 90% of it should make it feel like a new experience.

I’m looking forward to playing the various DLCs. However I’m going to have to find myself really bored to shell out $60 for it. Assuming other games can keep me entertained I’ll wait for a deep sale.

Only played about 6 hours of the first one and 3 of the second. Been on my backlog for awhile. I’m looking forward to diving into the remakes.

Two factors complicate this idea – the passage of time since the series was released and the platform/format of the releases. For the ME games, there’s no way to know (1) what platform the player originally played it on, as these games were 360/PS3/PC releases, (2) whether the player paid full price or bought at a steep discount, or even got it for free as a GWG, PS+, etc., or (3) who really bought it other than direct digital sales. Quite a different scenario from a single-platform upgrade for verified owners that likely happened within a year of purchase when the lowest possible sale price was a known quantity.

Traditionally for remasters, new platform = new purchase. Maybe PC owners are disadvantaged, but there’s no way to make everyone happy. That, and I suspect Bioware needs some positive revenue associated with it after the last few years.

There’s a very clear and direct way to know if someone owns the ME trilogy on PC - checking their Steam or Origin account. (particularly Origin, as most people won’t have ME3 on Steam). If someone originally played on some other platform then, yeah, new platform. Sorry. Other than that nothing you mention is relevant as it all is true of many other games where owners of the original games did get a remaster discounted or for free.

EA chose not to do it. That is their prerogative, as my complete lack of interest in paying the price they are asking for a game trilogy I already own and intention to wait for it to be on sale for $10 or less is mine. They probably could have gotten more out of me if they’d bothered to acknowledge the money I’d already given them. So be it.

My guess is that attitude will be very prevalent as pertains to ME2/3. ME1 seems like it might be a more meaningful upgrade, but certainly not worth sixty buckaroos.

I think people who own (some of) the original games aren’t really the target audience here. It’s a fine deal for people who have never played ME (or have just played the last one). Maybe not so much for people who have played ME 1-3, but then again: they already played it! So they don’t need a deal…

That Total War decided to offer a discount is nice, but not quite the same: it’s just one game, not the trilogy. Does EA have to give that discount to people who own all the games? Or to anyone who owns just one or two of them? Just not the same, IMO. But I certainly understand why anyone who already paid for all three games will wait for a discount (as will I).

The Mass Effect series somehow just passed me by and I never played the games. So this Remaster seems like a good point of entry.

That said, this is a packed release month for me and this seems like a huge time commitment so I might wait a bit and let the price drop some.

I certainly don’t feel in any hurry to get to it since I’ve already played it. I’m sure it will be on EA Play/Game Pass like everything else released by EA, so what’s the hurry? I can play through the trilogy a second time once that happens. And if I want to own it, EA games usually get heavily discounted over time, so I’m sure I’ll bite on multiple platforms eventually.

Hopefully those of you who have never experienced the Mass Effect games will post your impressions in the thread. As someone who has played all the games multiple times, it will be hard for me to see the game with new eyes.

I was planning to wait until it hit XGPU via EA Play. Plenty of stuff to play until then.

Sure, I’d agree. But a loyalty discount would have added us to the mix. And I’d only have assumed a discount for people who owned the whole trilogy, although a scaling discount would probably be technically feasible.