Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

Oh yeah, also Kasumi and Zaeed are okay additions to ME2. Zaeed only really brings his loyalty mission in terms of content though. And a bit of dialogue now and then. But he was pretty half-assed.

Well, I haven’t finished the video yet, but while watching the first 10 minutes I did learn I somehow missed that fact that there was a Prothean Companion you could have join your squad. I have no idea how I missed him, and I’m pretty sad I did, that sounds like he could be a fun and interesting character that would provide an interesting perspective on the lore.

Pretty sure he was DLC.

Edit: Yup.

Ah, okay that explains how I completely missed him. Thanks @Vesper, I feel better now — I thought I had just somehow managed to be incredibly sloppy in my exploration.

Yeah that’s Javik that I was referring to as essential. Overlord was meh but Lair off the Shadow Broker and leviathan were fantastic

Preload is up on Steam.

who else is just sitting and staring at their count down clock on Playstation? 1 hour left

One hour? Did this get moved up?

I really liked the DLC missions with Omega. Aria rocks, and getting ability is way cool.

And for just fun Citadel is great fun. The combat room is one way to score some extra cash, but the real fun is being able to fight along side with Wreck, or Grunt, Jack, or Zaaed again, even if it’s just in Arena style battles. Plus the writing is just a lot of fun. It doesn’t add a lot to the story, it just fun interacting with them.

So yeah, they are 100% worth it and fun.

I’m expecting the first game to have minimal changes but the other two to have real significant upgrades.

Dunno, maybe Europe has a different launching time? 2 PM and a holiday, I’m not complaining

LOL after the hour was up, it switched to 9 hours. :(

Aw, that sucks, I know you were looking forward to an afternoon of Mass Effect! :(

I did some sleuthing, it sounds like it is supposed to unlock for everyone at the same time - midnight BST, which for me (if Google is correct) is 6pm this afternoon (CST)? That’s still earlier than I had assumed, which was midnight for everyone (regardless of time zone).

Yeah if the countdown clock is correct this time, it’s midnight here when it releases. Haha wow they teally had me there. Had to double check that I wasn’t temporarily insane, but I even have a picture of it saying 1 hour ans 5 minutes left! Oh well. Looking forward to friday afternoon then :)

I think the degree to which Javik is important tends to be wildly exaggerated. Yes, he’s a Prothean but he doesn’t have that much light to shed on his people.

Crazy talk. I’m expecting the first game to have no changes, the second game will change the volume drastically between each spoken line and the third game will give all characters bunny ears.

Well, I really appreciated that he had a LOT of dialog. I was really glad I bought the DLC at launch along with the game, because unlike Zaeed, Javik commented on everything in every mission in the game and had lots of interparty banter too.

You looking to rumble, son? WELL HERE I AM

He’s a good character that is worth having, but the people up in arms about how he was a preorder bonus/DLC were like “this is crucial lore you’re locking behind a paywall” and…not really. He’s got no answers to the major mysteries.

Ars is doing a livestream playthrough right now