Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

I wouldn’t call Lair of the Shadow Broker legendary, but to me it’s easily the highest quality overall piece of content in ME2. In particular, it has some actually varied and vaguely exciting combat with a cool setpiece or two, which I don’t personally feel is present anywhere else in the game.

Yes, there is a lot of fun variety packed in there. I wouldn’t have any problem calling it the best ME2 dlc, maybe the best ME dlc overall. I guess this is just something I see around the internet, always struck me oddly.

Which sections of Mass Effect 2 did you enjoy more than you enjoyed Shadow Broker?

I don’t know. I guess I liked the whole thing about equally. Why do you ask?

I said upthread that the Shadow Broker was the only part of ME2 I actually remembered today, besides the suicide mission. So it was the most memorable part of ME2 for me. I was just had a theory that either it was the most memorable part to me because it felt epic or perhaps because it was the best part of the game. But I wasn’t sure.

I don’t know that I’d say it felt epic, necessarily. It was fun but I don’t know that I enjoyed it more than say, Kasumi’s loyalty mission, which was a pretty great little heist.

Trolling around on the outer hull of the ship is neat but I also liked Kasumi’s heist. I uh, never bought the Omega DLC (no one tell). I haven’t dug into the remaster yet for strange reasons.

Haha yeah, exactly the place.
Any quick tips on how the hell to get past those turrets? As soon as I get down there, they bomb me to hell. Haven’t looked at a guide yet, keep thinking there should be something obvious to do but I just keep dying

Edit: never mind, made it on my 10th try. Damn, that canon had reach (but I have flexibility)

And that’s a wrap on the LE trilogy. Man, what a ride (again)! I’m tempted to restart instead of moving to MEA lol.

I never played the Omega DLC, either. I’ve been waiting for it to trigger and then I realized I’m in the wrong game for it. I’ll have to wait until ME3. Dumbass me keeps going and talking to Aria wondering when in the hell she’s gonna tell me something different.

I think I was under the impression for several years that it came with the collector’s edition. Of course it didn’t and I have no idea why I never bought it, considering I’ve played the trilogy at least seven times.

I’m all good now, just waiting for the right time to go back in.

I also didn’t have the DLC with the Prothean squadmate, so I am really looking forward to playing ME3.

I’ve savored ME2 as long as I could but I’ve finally reached the Reaper IFF mission.
Any thoughts on who to bring? Only for interesting story / dialogue purposes.
I’m thinking about bringing Tali for obvious Geth-reasons, and Garrus since he’s my boo. But I guess Grunt is a good tank for all the husks that are there, (I’m playing on normal though, so it’s not gonna be a problem either way).

I think a lot of people liked it because it brought back Liara, a much beloved companion.

Do that mission as early as possible so you can catch all of his commentary.

I did the Shadow Broker DLC yesterday for the first time ever. That was pretty darn good. Romance with Liara = rekindled. I won’t cheat on her for 20 gamer points.

My Shepard looks like a sith lord.

I ended up bringing Tali and Garrus to the derelict reaper. It was a really bad combo combat wise, even on normal. I’ve heard Tali would be interesting to bring because of finding Legion and all, but she honestly didn’t have much interesting to say: I felt Garrus had the most interesting comments throughout. Should have brought Garrus and Grunt for tank.
ANYWAYS. Finished it yesterday. Think I’m kind of reluctant starting up ME3 cause… well, it being the end and all but… oh well. Galaxy has to be saved.

Closing in on my final hours with ME2. Did all of the Firewalker DLC, which I can’t believe since I loathed it so much the first time around. Glad I replayed Overlord this time through, though. Everyone is loyal, did the Arrival DLC, and now I’m grabbing the Reaper IFF.

I think I’ll take a break before diving into ME3 since the weather here has finally turned nice. We’ve been hovering between rainy Spring and damp Fall weather for at least a month (actually turned my heat on last Sunday to take the chill out of the house), but now it’s sunny Summer all of a sudden. Time to be outside.

Motherfucker! I got Mordin killed.

I’ve never lost anyone during a suicide mission, but this time I didn’t look at the handy-dandy flowchart I posted upthread and now he’s dead. I know why, too. Because I sent Zaeed as the escort which didn’t give a high enough defense score to the remaining team while I was boss battling.


Well, at least I’ve read his replacement character in ME3 is decent. Glass half-full, and all that.

Still, fuck. Sorry, Mordin.