Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

Yeah, that’s not why. I also sent Zaeed as the escort, and Mordin survived just fine.

Edit: I’ve just about always sent Zaeed as the escort. I think I did send Mordin as the escort once. Of all the times I’ve played (4 or 5 times now), I’ve never had anyone killed on the ‘suicide’ mission.

I think by the time i got to Zaeed i kind of stopped caring about more loyalty missions. Zaeed felt like just a warm body at that point. I did them all but felt nothing. I think i sent Zaeed back because i didn’t really care what i did with him, so everybody lived in my original playthrough.

But who was on your team for the final battle? I had Garrus (also high defense) and Jack. I went back to a save and took Mordin along for the final battle (with Garrus) but then I lost Tali. I think if I’d taken someone weaker with me and let Garrus go with the team, everyone would have survived. Oh well, I’ll stick with the first hand I dealt myself. Mordin out, new guy in for ME3.

I killed Samara. That feels wrong, even for Renegade Shepard.

I’ve encountered this one a few times, even though Morden is loyal. One time he got back safe, and 2 times he died. Last time i just didnt risk it, and brought him with me. So everyone survived, had Garrus lead the 2nd team (so had no issues there).

In my two renegade runthroughs of ME2 I’ve never actually done that. I always play renegade as “the ends justify the means” but genuinely do keep the ends “good.” Might be interesting to go the full blown evil route I guess, to the extent the game even allows.

Played through the Leviathan DLC/questline in Mass Effect 3 today, and I forgot how enjoyable that whole plotline is. Going through all the games in one bash, I had forgotten that they laid all the groundwork for this story all the way back in the first game. You encounter this planet in the first Mass Effect:

And if you haven’t yet played this content and don’t want to be spoiled, I’ll leave it for you to uncover what this one is all about. But I really enjoyed the experience, it was a fun series of missions that crossed several locations and several gameplay elements, even a little detective work. It really stands out to me, heck I’d probably say I enjoyed it more than the Lair of the Shadow Broker from ME2.

I’m at this same point in seasons here. I’m trying to go outside but then I go “I’ll just play one side mission first…” Or get home from a day out and think I’ll “just play one mission” and then end up sitting up a littttle too late…

As in choosing Morinth instead? Or in the suicide mission. It’s kinda funny they added the possibility to actually swap out Samara for her crazy ice cold murderous daughter.

I loved this little info as well. Reading about the planets in ME1 gives you lots of hints about things to come, or things yet unknown. There’s also a planet that hints at the Prothean life pods, if I remember correctly.

I always took Miranda, because I wanted to see her tell off the Illusive Man at the end (I always blow up the Collector base), and Samara, because great biotics (and I’d already used Jack to get through the insects). Always did all the loyalty missions. I think I’ve seen Mordin get shot once or twice right before they close the door after going through the insect room, but he always survived.

Kind of need everyone to survive to get the best missions in ME3, I think. I mean, I’m sure they have replacements for everyone, but not sure how the Geth missions would play w/o Tali, or the Monestary w/o Samara.

I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to broker peace between Geth and Quarians without Tali (or Legion)? And if you didn’t destroy the Geth Heretics (since they have too large forces then for the Quarians to handle).

On the suicide mission, I always send Mordin to escort the survivors back to the Normandy. I sent Garrus on both diversion teams, and Tali through the tunnels. Grunt and Miranda as my squad mates for the first two rounds, then Garrus and Miranda for the last part. It was pretty neat and the comments fit well in. Samara as the biotic shield-lady.

Playing ME3 now, I pay a lot more attention than last time to what my choices have added to this last bit. Even if not all of them have great repercussions (while some do), I still enjoy the odd information here and there. I don’t really mind the way the ending plays out, I’m just constantly moved by this frickin sad last part of the game. I cry A LOT playing ME3 lol. Met Major Kirrahe on Shur’Kesh and was so fricking touched by the way he offered to help on Earth. Please I’m such a cry baby, I can’t handle this game =(


Me too! I love all the payoff that happens in ME3, it’s amazing through and through.

I don’t know what scenarios need to be met for Geth/Quarian peach, but you can rewrite the heretics and have peace - I know, because that’s what I did w/ my latest walkthrough. I think be rewriting, the Geth lose a few power (readiness) points, but peach is still achievable - but I think it’s harder (or maybe everything else has to work out the same way).

I think the quarian fleet is considerably reduced, or even non-existent if you choose the rewrite options, since they loose to many people in the war against geth. Even if you broker peace, they won’t be able to help you in the war.
But I’ve never done so I don’t know for sure! I think destroying the geth heretics is one of the few renegade options I go for, since it saves more organic lives in the end.

So far been crying at (just ME3):

  • Dr. Chakwas breaking down in the crew quarters after pretending she was fine about surviving the abduction
  • Major Kirrahe saying he’ll help no matter what
  • The rescue shuttle that gets shot down by reapers in the start
  • Going into the empty Life Support room and seeing the coffee cup that Thane left (PLEAASSEEE I will never ever forgive creators for not coming up with a cure for Kepral’s Syndrome or making Cerberus reconstruct his lungs or whatever. NEVER.)
  • Anderson staying on Earth to fight
  • Mordin scrambling to fix the genophage knowing what I know (when he talks about retiring somewhere sunny, please, my heart)
  • The turian and asari couple on Citadel that are saying their goodbyes cause he’s going off to fight

And I have only just started.

Thankfully, it’s summer outside, and also, JAVIK. I can’t believe this dude was a DLC, some people have completely missed out on him. The amount of hilarious comments are just… golden. Also, and forever, Garrus.

I think I’m a little too invested (this time too) in this game.

Yeah I did like Chitown, I overwrote the heretic geth in ME2 and had no problems creating peace between them and the quarians in ME3. I don’t think that particular choice from the second game has serious consequences in the third game. Or at least, none that you can’t overcome.

I think it can have serious consequences, but it doesn’t have to (or, at least, prevent peace between them). I think there are like 6 things to do in order to achieve peace between the two races - but you only have to do 5 of them. Or maybe the right 4 as some are more important than others.

I should try deleting the heretics next time I play. Waiting for MEHEM to be ported over before doing that, tho, because I just can’t take making Tali upset by maleshep dying.

Update: bawled my eyes out at Grunt fending off Rachni Reapers so I could let the Rachni Queen escape.

Sure, I get that there are probably dozens of ways things can go wrong and I generally never see them because I am an inveterate completionist, plus I just can’t go full renegade.

The only thing I can tell in-game that reflects my ME2 decision is that overwriting the geth in ME2 makes their fleet much more dangerous in ME3. So just as well I made friendly with them I guess.

Honestly, my guess (and it’s just that) is that deleting them does make it easier overall to broker a peace, but it’s not required. And if you broker a piece, then the readiness rating you lose from one is washed out by gains from the other. If you overwrite, the Quarians are weaker, but the Geth are stronger. If you delete, vice versa. But if you get them to behave, then the sum is the same either way.