Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

Why didn’t my scars carry over to ME3?

I let a vampire onto my ship to earn those red eyes and facial scars goddammit.

Haha. Did you play as Paragon? If you did, your scars automatically heal

Edit: sorry, read that twice, you obviously didn’t

Well, I have no side missions left, no scanning, and my war assets are maxed.
I’m currently on shore leave, but I’m trying to stall as much as possible at this point. I just don’t want it to be over.

Also: I’ve locked in romance with Garrus. You’d think they’d tone down the flirting between Tali and Garrus if so, but NO. I’m busy saving the galaxy but I’m also jealous of the flirtatious banter between a turian and a quarian on my ship. Fml.

I don’t share my turians!

I’ve heard Turians are very flexible - alas Shepherd appears not to be.

I only have reach

To by fair, Garrus was the one who asked me if I was ready to be a one-Turian-kind of girl

I always assumed Turians had barbs. Like cats.

Oh hell no

But… Mordus sent vids. And… salve

I actually also found Turians to look quite cat like (I think it’s the nose?) but I’ve heard humans refer to them as birds? I dunno.

Possibly due to the ‘flaps’ on the side, like some birds/ducks:


oh wow

Who’s Barb?

Lost to the upside down.

Here’s to having my hopes up about the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age

Does anyone know how to play a solo match in the Armax Arena? (Citadel DLC). I can’t seem to remove squadmates

Edit: Finally found out, they hid that one well.
Never played this last time, it’s pretty neat how when you first come to the Arena, there are only a few people there. As you progress along the high score board, there are more and more people there :’)

Just finished up the trilogy again. Boy, that ending, huh? I’m not going to get into that discussion again, but a couple of things ending-adjacent that still bug me.

  • The Citadel DLC. Overall, I think it’s great. But from a timing standpoint, for everyone to be available, you have to wait to do it until just after Sanctuary. And that timing just doesn’t make any sense. I mean, you’ve just discovered where the Cerberus HQ is, and you’ll go into drydock right then, and have a party? It just doesn’t feel right. Actually one of the reasons I love the various alternate ending mods that I hope soon make their way to this product - some of them move the whole Citadel DLC to after Priority:Earth, with the idea it’s a gathering of friends a few months/years/etc down the line when it would feel in place. Will definitely play this again, but need to wait until those mods come out.
  • I hate any game that pulls the ‘you’re injured so you can only walk at 1/2 mile a decade’ thing. That whole bit spending 10 minutes slowly working your way forward until the showdown with IM is just - painful. I didn’t like it at the end of Modern Warfare, but it sort of made sense. And was a lot shorter. This was just painful.

Don’t get me wrong - even with those two things, and with that ending, I still think the entire series is very much a classic, and is easily in my top 3 of all time. Those things don’t ‘ruin’ the other 99% of the series. Still look forward to playing it again. Someday.

Man Wrex will not let me forget that I destroyed Maelon’s research.

Jesus, gamers are freakin’ creepy at times.