Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

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Launched ME3 after work today. It plays like a dream. I remember being disappointed in how sluggish it felt on my base ps3 but the XSX version is awesome. And I’ve never done one character through all 3 games, so I had a shit-ton of upgrade points to spend. Bonus!

Also, looks like my girl Jack had her character model tweaked. She’s sporting some gray now, which makes sense. I also noticed a lot of scarring on her that I never noticed before.

Here’s a 3 hour Mass Effect Trilogy retrospective.

These are cool -

So this looks like it’s 25% off…

I think I just finished Act One of ME3. Damn, say what you will about the ending (which did not bother me), this game gets the story and the moral choices right. I wish I had the balls to screw over the Krogan, just to see how it would play out, but I can’t.

I mean, it’s literally screwing the Krogan or screwing the galaxy at large. There’s solid moral grounds for either choice.

But then I’ve also never spared the Racchni queen, so there you go. I should, one of these days, just to see if/how it comes back to bite you in the ass. It certainly should.

You say that as if the choice is that clear but the game never makes it that simple. In fact, quite a few Morgan’s you meet show significant growth, and the genophage is shown to possibly be their 40 years in the wilderness moment, penance paid for their actions. I mean, if the decision were simple it wouldn’t be interesting.

Granted but I stand by the fact that there’s a solid moral argument for either decision. It’s not as though the Krogan overrunning the galaxy is an invalid or baseless concern. Individual exceptions don’t solve the larger problem.

I completely agree with that. Where I differ with you is saying that releasing the krogan from the genphage equals screwing over everyone else in the galaxy.

I’m a little hazy on their history. The hieroglyphics in the ruins seem to indicate an intelligent society. So when the Salarians talk of “uplifting” them, what does that mean? Eve mentioned nuclear war, but that came after the genophage, when they were fighting amongst themselves.

How advanced were the Krogan before they were uplifted?

Well, I’m framing it there as my character would have. In reality is may screw over everyone in the galaxy.

That is one potential upside of setting the next sequel several hundred years in the future - maybe we’ll get to see what shakes out, though I guess they will have to choose a “canon” option.

The Krogan are a potention future problem and you need them to even have a chance at holding the Reapers at bay. The Reapers are a current existential problem. What the Krogan may do in the future matters little if the Reapers win because that future will never exist.

The nuclear war was prior to uplift I believe.

They developed tech to a, roughly, modern human society level. At least in warfare. They just weren’t spacefaring.

That’s what the Salarians did.

Holy shit! Kelly Chambers got shot in the face (offscreen)! And it’s all my fault! And I keep overhearing people talking about it which makes me feel even worse!

OK, I finished this up today so you guys won’t have to deal with me bumping this thread every week or two with new updates. I hope someone else will take over thread bumping duties.

Anyway, here’s some pics from today’s adventures with the Citadel DLC, just before we kicked off the endgame.

Why didn’t you invite her to dinner?!? You MONSTER! /s

I’m about halfway through ME2 on my playthrough, and Jack does seem to be one of the more interesting companions.