Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

I find it weird that I now get this reference because I read the streetfighter 6 thread, which references a streamer playing call of duty.

Hats off and my respect to QT3 for the education.

(Edit: I learned on QT3, but I apparently already forgot the thread)

I learned about it here too, though I don’t remember from which thread. It might easily have been the same one.

Whoa, it even made the front page:

It’s just such a bizarre, absurd thing to do in a game. It definitely stuck with me.

Ha, well that was fast -

I started playing a Mass Effect game for the first time (the first two came out when I was on an extended break from video games), with the Legandary edition.

5 hours in, the first post-Citadel main quest I’ve done was finding Liara, and I’m not having a great time. Now, I’m totally bought into the characters and the story, the problem is entirely with the gameplay. It’s one half really tedious and slow traversal, one part the worst shooter I can remember playing. I hear this will get a lot better in 2 and 3, so the plan is to just beeline through Mass Effect 1.

The question is: is there any side content that I should not skip? I’m not looking for a list of the best written side quests or anything like that, but quests that enhance the later games e.g. by introducing recurring characters or being important references.

Talk to squadmates and do their sidequests. My only other advice is to get either your Paragon or Renegade levels up. One or the other. You will need it later on to get the best outcome out of a certain conflict.

Coincidentally, I’m in the middle of a legendary edition playthrough myself and had a similar reaction to replaying ME1. I’ve played through it before, so I was not concerned about spoilers and the like, but nearly every guide I found online about relevant side missions assumes you’ve played it before and is thus riddled with story spoilers. So, I’m going to try and adapt this spoiler-filled list into a non-spoiler version of side content stuff that carries over (lots of stuff from the main story carryover too of course, but those are not really missable):

‘Major’ Consequences:
A decision related to Tali’s side quest
Conrad Verner / The Fan
UNC: Rogue VI
Bring Down the Sky

‘Minor’ Consequences (usually just a stray mention in a dialogue our email in later games, all probably skippable but, as mentioned, you do need some paragon or renegade points for an event later. But note that I’m pretty sure that some of these missions have names that change during the course of doing them so it might be hard to find them without referring to a wiki.):
Citadel: Asari Consort
Citadel: Doctor Michel
Citadel: Homecoming
Citadel: Reporter’s Request
Citadel: Scan the Keepers (this is really minor though and might not be the most compelling thing to do.)
UNC: Asari Diplomacy
UNC: Besieged Base
UNC: Dead Scientists
UNC: Hostage
UNC: Hostile Takeover
UNC: Major Kyle
UNC: Missing Marines, UNC: Cerberus, and UNC: Hades’ Dogs
Background quest: one of Citadel: Old Friends; Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things; or I Remember Me depending on psychological profile.

Interactions outside of quests:
Barla Von, Volus on the Citadel
Khalisah Al-Jilani, journalist who asks to interview Shepard on the Citadel
Han Olar, Volus on Noveria

For the most part, the shooter parts of the gameplay do improve in later installments, but I wouldn’t say it improves ‘by a lot.’ That aspect is actually worse than I remember and even Mass Effect 2 (and probably 3, haven’t replayed it yet) is a bad shooter. The mission design in ME2 is much better than 1 though—a bit more variety in side missions, some main missions will have gimmicks that help them stand out a bit more (e.g., one planet’s sun burns through your shields, so you want to stay in the shade)—but even so, that aspect is never a strong suit of the series either: “oh look, a bunch of unnaturally arranged crates, wonder if there’s going to be a shootout?.” The cover mechanics are always a bit ass as well. Unfortunately, the game is a cover shooter.

The planet traversal stuff in the vehicle gets removed (aside from an optional series of side quests), so that speeds things up. You say you have bought into the characters, but they also get way more fleshed out in the sequels. I actually found on replaying the first that (Wrex and, to a far lesser extent, Ashley and Kaidan excepted) the way the characters are written, they mostly only exist to exposition dump about their species and do not actually have that many conversations. Which is an okay way to handle introducing a player to the Mass Effect universe, but compared to other RPG companions, they do feel a bit hollow at that point.

Wow, that’s great. Thanks!

Skip straight to 3 if you want a proper shooter. ME3 is a proper meaty shooter, according to the record I played gazillion hours in coop MP. However you will miss a lot of character moments if you don’t struggle through ME1 and 2.

ME2 final mission is especially satisfying, if you played your cards right previously in ME2 AND during the mission. Play ME1 for its world building, the shooting bits are meh even back in the day, and I don’t think they really enhanced it, just better inventory management.

My big problem with ME3 is one of scale. The Reapers as presented should be wiping out worlds in like a day or two. Not the indefinite timeline you’re given.

But I DO appreciate the time-sensitivity given to some other missions.

Sorry aboutnthat bomb, Wrex. Whoopsy!

You play all 3 simply to fully appreciate the Citadel DLC. I will forget 90% of the game, but not that.

“Do I really sound like that?”

I miss the multiplayer aspect.

Talking about Mass Effect and its quality as a shooter is like going to Paris and complaining about the carpet in the airport.

Like, sure, it isn’t good if you are an fps fan (I am very much not) but that’s not what made Mass Effect great.

As a story, world, and RPG the first Mass Effect is tremendous. As a party based RPG Mass Effect 2 is in a class on its own (even if the world building suffers deeply, and there was damage done to the universe for reasons of sloppy and dumb writing).

Like, yeah, it’s not as good a cover shooter as gears of war. That is objectively true. But… it has many something’s that Gears never had in the story and RPG department. Mordin remains one of the greatest party members in any RPG ever.

The moment to moment in ME2 and ME3 seem pretty continuous with one another, and really they kind of blend together to me in my memory.

I didn’t like the “overall” larger narrative plot and context of ME3. There’s lots of heart string moments, but there’s just a ton of… for lack of a better word, silliness… that seems to squander the world building of ME1 and ME2. I remember playing the whole time being mildly disappointment in the plot points of 3 compared to 2, basically from hour one through the whole game. But all the relationship and drama stuff still has the same character as 2 (more or less anyway). It’s clear that plot came second to game play, and while that’s fine and all, it would have been nice to lean into the narrative a lot more than they did.

I’m also probably the only guy who actually liked the original ending of 3, as silly as its contest was as well.

Agreed, I love Mass Effect world and don’t even think of it as a shooter. It is a true RPG, with story being the main theme. Also, I never thought of the shooting as being that bad.

Certainly, which is why I still ultimately come away more positive than negative about 2. But man, it is much worse at the shooting than Gears, (and I don’t even like Gears very much), and still makes you do it for tens of hours that it could just…not have. And I for one would have had a much better time.

The thing is you spend a huge chunk of time shooting in Mass Effect (way more than you spend on the carpet at Charles de Gaulle). I look past it because I like the world and characters—further, it’s pretty much the only real option if you want a space opera RPG (maybe the KOTOR games count)—but I can totally understand how someone concludes that Mass Effect is bad because the combat is bad in a way that I can’t, for instance, understand someone concluding that Mass Effect is bad because the mini games are bad or because the eyeballs look weird.

While on the topic, I highly recommend grabbing some mods to make the experience smoother. I consider the mini games skip and the one probe all resources mods essential to my current playthrough (maybe the community patches too, but since that’s under the hood stuff I’m not seeing the improvements, though I believe they are there).

I tend ME to play on hard until I get tired of the less than optimal shooting gameplay, at which point I crank down the difficulty and play on easy to finish the always excellent storylines. Worked for me on my last replay. And to be honest, I didn’t need to turn down diffuclty that often: with all the weapons from the expansions, I was overpowered anyway.