Mass Effect v. Assassin's Creed: Fight!

Who is more worthy of my four day weekend gaming?

Put down that controller and go spend some time with your family. Pretend you like turkey for a few days man…

(That’s what I’m going to be doing and if I have to everyone has to.)

It’s not, strictly speaking, a decision of just what I’m going to do instead of spending time with my family. I was just trying to make it topical. I really just want to know which is better, and if either is worth jumping on right now.

I’m just kiddin’. See, that’s the problem with no emoticon policies. I mean, if they had emoticons back in the fifties think of all the trouble we could have avoided with the cold war and the middle east…

Spending time with the family is overrated :)


I donno, man. High School Musical: Sing It! just came out. You might want to jam on that for a while. It’s just like Rock Band, but awful!

I’ve got three days of hell at the in-laws hizzy in the faraway boonies of the Adirondacks to look forward to. There will be no gaming, except on my PSP.

If I even suggested bringing the 360 along, my wife would violently remove my testicles and choke me with them. “IT’S A FAMILY WEEKEND! SPEND TIME WITH US!!!”

I dig my wife & kids, and my family, but not my inlaws. I’m thinking of going on a “hike” and getting “lost” for a few days, possibly at a nearby motel.

I’m making everyone in my family play Rock Band. I’m not giving them a choice.

I’ve been alternating between them, every time I get to a reasonable stopping point. That’s the only answer.

Not what I expected you to say. Also not what I’m going to do. Come on, Chuck, show some balls! Call Bioware a bunch of fags and tell me your game is the only good one of the decade or something.

Read between the lines. Who can stop playing Assassin’s Creed?

Ooooooooh, I gotcha.

I was serious :P

Both are good games, except for the fact that Mass Effect’s “Big city” area near the beginning feels like it’s total population is ~50. Boy, could it use some crowds.

Maybe it would also be better as a recreation of a historical real city too, is that what I’m hearing?

Yes, a historically accurate depiction of a giant space station.

However, I think it is a perfectly good People Standing Around Simulator.

We’re gonna get him in trouble…but that was a nice emoticon usage there.

Mass Effect is now winning the poll, even though the content of the posts would seem to indicate otherwise. But I’m realizing now that I’m not that interested in it. So now this thread is about this: should I buy Assassin’s Creed today or not?


Do it. Charles is watching you. Don’t embarrass him.