Massachusetts decriminalizes marijuana

Lots of other stuff going on tonight, but wow. It is now no longer a criminal offense to posses under one ounce of marijuana in MA.

Michigan has passed its own bill legalizing medical marijuana.



In theory that should allow the cops in MA to focus resources on other things and it will allow the jails and courts to do the same.

In theory, that will allow me to GET MY ASS TO MASSACHUSETTS IMMEDIATELY

That was the key principle behind the proposition, yes.

Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights.

C’mon by, mon, and fire up the good shit. We’ll be out on the stoop.

I read an article in the boston globe that states that the law can still be repealed:

The proposition will become law 30 days after it’s reported to the Governor’s Council, which usually meets in late November or early December. But the Legislature could amend or repeal the new law

What’s the point of us voting on something if it can be arbitrarily repealed?

It saves the state from really spectacularly bad ideas. But if repealing it doesn’t have fantastic reasoning behind it the politicians take a huge political hit.

Because it shows DA WILL OF DA PEOPLE, MON.

NORML points out that 1/4 of the US population now lives in states with some type of medical marijuana or marijuana legalization initiative, and that that is larger than the fraction of the population that voted for Bush in 2004, when Bush claimed “a mandate”. So, does marijuana liberalization now have a mandate?

Give it another ten or twenty years, and you’d better motherfucking believe it will.

Passin th’ doochie from coast to coast!

Like you’d ever need a whole ounce of lambs breath at one time! [shakes unshaven red-eyed head in disbelief]

So 1/4th of the population now lives in marijuana paradise, and that’s a larger number than voted for Bush. So Bush got re-elected with less than 25% of the popular vote? Were they high when they wrote this?

Edit: OK, they’re comparing raw population numbers to vote totals, which is fucking stupid. You’d have to be high to think of doing something like that.

I’m guessing that it’s still illegal to buy and sell the stuff?

Grow yr own.

That’d be one teeny plant :)

A Bonsai weed tree?

I LOL’ed.

I really didn’t expect Michigan to pass this. But then, I didn’t expect them to pass the stem cell research law either, and it looks like both made it.

In the article espressojim linked it states that buying, selling, trafficking, driving under the influence of and growing marijuana is illegal.