Master of Magic has been acquired by Slitherine

I first played it more than a year ago, and I saw things that way at the time. Lots of brilliance in gameplay ideas, lots of holes, poor UI and documentation.

But I’d suggest it is a worth a fresh look now, especially on their beta branch. For one thing, the AI is worlds beyond Master of Magic. At anything beyond basic difficulty levels, your rivals can be serious trouble. (But a few of them are helpless weaklings, esp if they start in poor locations. So avoid a game with just 1-2 opponents.)

DE’s is much improved, but still… Once you get the hang of it, it supports very, very deep gameplay, with an incredible array of strategic options. But if you don’t right click on everything, including stuff you’d never think to right click on, it’s the stuff of rage quitting. I know this from experience. A lot of things are explained in our Deity Empires thread.

Guess this never bothered me. But tastes vary, so yeah, if this is a priority, then nevermind DE.

I guess it depends on what you mean by not much happening. Option settings can change this, but you normally spend the early part of the game dealing with thick monster lairs. To clear room to settle, to level up units, and, above all, to obtain resources so that you can construct buildings and units at a competitive speed. Those lairs usually keep you separate from the AI opponents for a while, but the clock is ticking – do an inefficient job, and you will pay the price when you do meet AI opponents… And since the dungeon dives have become so much more tactical and lucrative, I never feel like this stage of the game is in the slightest bit boring. In fact, strategically, one of my ongoing goals is to keep things secure enough in my dealings with AI opponents that I can afford to continue to send a high level army to continue dungeon diving, because the gold and resources can turn the tide in my war. (Also to include one green but high level unit, so as to level him up quickly for front line duty.)

Sorry, getting carried away. /thread derailment :)

But Seravy’s patch and mod also improved the AI of MoM a lot. Have you tried the new unofficial patch (turned Slitherine official)?
The AI in DE is quite good indeed, but the one in MoM is also miles beyond what it used to be.

I understand the UI is functional and you eventually “get the hang of it” but it’s still bad. It’s unintuitive, hard to read, and frankly a bit ugly. I have no problem with the gameplay of DE. It’s great. But man, they gotta do something for future versions like hire an actual UI designer.

Thats me as well - I bought Deity Empires since people praised it as a new MoM, but it really wasnt (for me).

I’d love an updated version of MoM - a game I still play occasaionally. The UI is surprisingly good actually, for a game that old.

Never knew about Deity Empires before this thread.

That is one butt ugly game.

Says the guy in the Master of Magic thread.

Master of Magic looks pretty good for its time. Deity Empires looks good for a Spiderweb Software-style game. That is not a compliment.

Considering I have played a few games of MoM in the past year, Caster of Magic looks worthwhile. An improved AI is definitely something that would enhance playing MoM.

What you doing here, sir? Hmpf!

I was interested in the game, I just didn’t realize the base game was being sold for such a high price.

The games looks aren’t a key feature for me, but it seems to be to other people.

After it goes done to about a dollar, I will probably jump on it.

It’s only $6 on Steam.

Also, this and the new DLC are on Steam, which I thought was cool. I wishlisted it to pick it up for a few bucks at the next sale.

What are we talking about that’s expensive? Master of Magic for $6 on GOG and then $3 for the Caster update?

I assume, yeah. No idea what the big deal is, no.

6 dollars is about 5 dollars more then I want to spend on it, or really can afford.

Money is usually tight, but we live comfortably lives because we are careful. That usually means not buying coffees, planning meals and eating at home.

It also means not spending 6 dollars on games that I current have on DosBox somewhere, and haven’t played in years.

It all adds up.

It is indeed a high price given that most of us have bought the game already on a CD that probably won’t work today (or has been lost after countless of relocations)!

Don’t smokescreen us while you implied in your statement that Master of Magic had ugly graphics, you heretic!

OK, you’ve intimated your financial approach before on here and I respect that.

A better choice of words than “I just didn’t realize the base game was being sold for such a high price.” is probably a good approach for next time. I thought it was like $30 or something. $6 is not “such a high price” in a world where that gets you two cups of regular coffee or a large fancy one.

I wouldn’t call that beverage “coffee”.
Let’s see how far we can derail this thread :D

You know what I mean!

We can settle this over lap times in Virtua Racing! Another game with “ugly graphics”!

I typed my previous sentence while sipping a cup of Nescafé… Oh the human contradictions!
Can I back out and get a pass on making public my lap times? :O