Master of Magic has been acquired by Slitherine

Of recent Slitherine release I’ve messed with, I really enjoy Pandora and had some fun with Gladius but it wasn’t totally my thing. I am not mad about this landing place for the IP, whatever it’s worth these days.

I mean, they can’t fuck it up any worse than every other attempt at a “spiritual successor.”

I haven’t played any Slitherine stuff. As long as they don’t try balancing anything in this game at all it should be true enough to the original for my tastes.

I’m glad this wasn’t picked up 5 years ago, when it would probably have been made into a MOBA or something.


Yep. Master of Magic Auto Chess actually does sound a lot better than Master of Magic Battle Royale or Master of Magic MOBA.

I think a lot will depend on who Slitherine has developing the game. There is quite a degree of variance in the quality of products that come out of Matrix/Slitherine.

+1 I share your thoughts.

I wish Slitherine the best of luck with its endeavor to create a sequel to Master of Magic, which was probably my favorite PC game of all time.

The game I thought was the closest I had found to being a sequel to Master of Magic was Triumph Studios’ 2003 release, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic.

I was thrilled to learn that Stardock was going to make a sequel to Master of Magic, but that plan fell through and Elemental was released in 2010 instead.

In 2014, Worlds of Magic was touted by Wastelands Interactive to be the successor to Master of Magic but ended up being just another big disappointment. I backed its Kickstarter and still haven’t received the DRM-Free version of the game I was promised.

So, yeah, I’m ready for a game done well enough that it will be a worthy successor to Master of Magic. I would even be happy if it just the graphics were updated. Just don’t screw it up, Slitherine.

I’m starting to doubt that Master of Magic as I remember it can be real. At least not with the other things that I want these days (like a balanced game without game breaking exploits).

Maybe we are just chasing nostalgia.

That screen shot above? Was just great. And slitherine seems like a good fit. I wish them luck.

I’ve replayed it a bunch in recent years. It’s still pretty awesome. Yeah it’s not perfect, but it’s still real damn good.

Sploitz are only sploitz if you sploit. Don’t pick Death 11, easy enough.

I think I can settle for a Master of Magic flavored game, sprinkled with some modern UI and graphics, and a dash of a developer that can pull it off, fun and all.


Proxy Studios (Gladius/Pandora). A hardcore tactical turn based game with magic.
Ageod (Field of Glory: Empires). A grand strategic fantasy game.
Warfare Sims (CMANO). Tactical Magic Missiles.
The Artistocrats (Order of Battle). Fantasy General sequel (another one!)
Black Lab Games (Battlestar Galactica, Star Hammer). Magic… in space!
Norbsoft (Scourge of War). Magical Napoleonics.

Damn right we are! It’ll never be just like we remember it, but I can certainly see the possibility of something great using the same themes. Here’s hoping we get it!

You know what, you are all right! Let’s be hopefully. Hell, even if we don’t get a Master of Magic Remake that we dreamed about, it doesn’t mean it can’t be great.

Although I do hope that they make sorcery better.

I love MoM, and love Slitherine. I’m all in.

If that is what is produced them it would be missing what made MoM such a blast. The races were not balanced. And it was a blast buffing up units in crazy ways.

Yeah the heck with balance. I am sick of all these concerns about everything being fair and sometimes flavorless as a result. CK II isn’t balanced, and it’s fine. Just let people pick how hard they want it to be.

Time to ressurect the MoM Iron Man Challenge-thread!

Regarding the low resolution, I find it managable using the 3x scaler in Dosbox and running it windowed.

For whatever comes from this, I hope it channels the essence of MoM: a lot of asymmetry in the magic schools, races and units, and small scale turn-based battles. In my opinion a lot of the previous games that have tried to channel MoM have made the battles too big so they feel like a slog, and added too much (!) unit customization. Turns out that modifiers from material nodes, levels, and spells is enough for my taste.

As long as they do not try to improve the game mechanics too much. If it ends up being a super balanced fantasy 4x, then they will have lost the “magic” in Masters of Magic. They should put in as many crazy wtf combos as they can.

Totally agree on the small scale battles. I got tired of Deity Empires because the dungeons are a chore. The battles weren’t too bad, but I much prefer the size that MoM uses. It’s why I stopped playing.

I’d be happy with a graphics and AI upgrade.