Master of Magic remake, created by Thea devs, published by Slitherine

These guys are working on Fantasy General which I got into the beta for and can’t talk about, but I think this is good news - even just to have freaking someone do something with it.



My feelings on this can be summed up by inserting any one of the myriad “AWWW YISSS!” gifs here.

This one chooses to be optimistic about this news.

No shit?!

I am thoroughly chuffed!

Embargo on Fantasy General 2 ended last week (at least for media/influencers), no idea if beta testing has different restrictions.

I had no idea! I barely touched it, when I played it (for a day or two) it was pretty rough, but it seemed really promising. All the bugs I found were already known so I think it might end up being pretty great when it drops, but I haven’t been following it.

Great news! I missed MoM on my gaming journey, sadly, and now I just… can’t go back to 320x200.

I have wanted a direct MoM sequel for soooo long. One of my fav games of all time.

Too early for hype? And can something like this game, which spawned so many spin-offs, be unique and marketable so many decades later?

I don’t think it’s too early, no. In fact, I wrote about it 3 hours ago! :)

I see that! Man, you’re on top of things.

Sim sallah bim! The binding of threads is done.

Man, I’m not the only one on top of things!

There can be only one!

Also, this is good news, Slitherine has really been on the ball lately. That said, the greatness of MoM is more in the game mechanics than the license, surely.

I am looking forward to a quality MoM game. This may not be a popular opinion, but the original had tons of promise but wasn’t that great a game. It was a diamond in the rough that never got fully polished. It was a complete mess on release. The AI was bad and it seems rather than fixing the AI by 1.31 they just added tons of crap to distract from the bad AI. That said it was a fun game and provided a lot of variety with trying out different magic types on different playthroughs. Still it feels like it is looked at now with a lot of nostalgia and rose colored glasses.

If someone can pull of a game like MoM that has an AI that actually can play the game effectively it would be a major achievement.

I’m looking at the list of games by Slitherine, and I’ve never played any of them, so I hope this is good news. I did try to play Master of Magic back in 2003, and sadly it was too late to enjoy it by then. The resolution is so low in that game, I couldn’t even tell what anything was. My roommate (who had played it on release) had to tell me that my 8x8 bit character was supposed to be a wizard.

“See?” He said, pointing to the screen. “It’s a wizard hat. That tells you you’re a wizard”

“How is that a wizard hat?”


Exciting news, tempered by cautious optimism!