Master of Magic remake, created by Thea devs, published by Slitherine

Uh oh, they’re going to hexes in the new one.

This is an “uh oh”? I prefer hexes - what’s hold you back, out of curiosity?

Civ 5 went to Hexes, and people tell me it didn’t turn out well. The last one I played extensively was Civ 3 though, so I don’t know from personal experience.

I believe the issue with Civ V was the “one unit per tile” that really struck in long time fan’s craws, not so much the hexes, but I could be mis-remembering.

I personally prefer hexes, ever since Age of Wonders 2. They look better, but are a lot more functional (with regards to things like adjacency and movement options).

The game also needed the DLCs before it really felt complete. I prefer hexes to the square approach, not only for the visual benefit (see SMAC maps…).

That and I believe the ai’s apparent inability to play the game well with 1upt.

I don’t care for hexes, most games seem to just use them as fancy squares. i kinda love squares…

IIRC that IS the 1UPT issue, more than the mechanical aspect to it.

Yeah - guarenteed purchase from me! Too many good memories, and the remake seems to be remarkably true to its roots.

What , no Early Access? I am disappointed!

Been keeping an eye on this one and nice to see they’ve got an announced launch date now.

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I mean… it has been early access since 1994. Kinda. Right?

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DasTactic really likes it, if that means anything to you.

I am relying upon this to transport me back in time to being at university, having my dorm room be the venue for Master of Magic multiplayer, regularly waking up after a night out clubbing to find people that had been playing it all night in my room, with red-eyes even worse than mine.

Also, if I had any vacation plans for this Xmas, cancel them. It is all about the Master of Magic. I have faith.

Thanks for linking this, though tbh I might need to wait for someone else’s video. Das drives me crazy with some of his mannerisms and turns of phrases (I call him Captain Particular, for one thing, because he uses the word “Particular” about 40 times per video). He’s also dinging the game for the silliest stuff, like how he thinks there should be a cloth map when you zoom out (hey, I love this in AoW3 myself, but it’s not something I would reasonably ding another game for not having) and how he feels the “order of the event icons” (the ones telling you what to deal with, like an empty research queue or a city not doing anything) should be the other way around. Like, what? I’m glad he’s liking this, but zounds Mr. Picky.

Maybe I should contact these guys for a press key myself.

Might give Battlemode from Explorminate quick look see, he’s familiar with the origananal and CoM and gives it a pretty reasonable run thru (although it does feel like the game has a bit of a slow start and this press version is limited to 100 turns):

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