Master of Magic remake, created by Thea devs, published by Slitherine

Wait a minute. The physical MoM strategy guide is worth $300? I still have it. Plus lots of other old strategy guides.

I only paid like $30 when I got mine. But I may have gotten the last one in good condition for a normal price. I couldn’t say what the actual market is - the ones on ebay going for $250+ might be sitting there awhile.

Lol, just go to ebay, yall! You might get $50. I’m afraid you’re not going to get $300 when there are Buy It Nows at $50.

The price for it has dropped on Amazon as well now to around $43.

I delayed a long time buying this because it sounded like they had settled on simply doing the original MoM and just updating graphics and interface.

I’ve been playing (using Through the Myrror but not the paid DLC Rise of the Soultrapped) and it is surprising me.

This really does not feel like the same old thing. The races, spells, and buildings are identical, but there’s a lot more variety in what you face from game to game. Maps where you are surrounded by interesting independents to take over, maps with few. Maps with lots of nearby nodes, maps with few. Etc. It’s little stuff, but it has a big impact. Plus the new wizard traits are really interesting.

On the other hand, I am surprised at the limited improvement of the interface. So easy to move an entire stack by mistake. Easy to overlook an empty building queue. Basic information missing (like casting cost/upkeep when you pick a spell). Long load times for game/file that look like freezes. Easy to accidentally allow use of mana during easy autobattles.

The game is turning out to be the opposite of what I expected.

I picked this up recently and have been really enjoying it. I’m sorry I waited this long. I love that it is identical to the original and I can use the old Wiki and strategy guides. I do hope that CoM gets inetgrated at some point though.

I also really like the battles more than the original. Specifically the bigger maps.

I agree about the interface. I hope they can fix it. They seem to be releasing a lot of patches and improving it. I fired up a game of CoM and it is jarring to use the old graphics. I also think the auto-battle is terrible and needs a lot of work.

I hear good things about the new DLC, I will be picking it up soon.

I have always really wanted to get into MoM, but I would start games aned never go back to it. I guess it was the graphics. I’m so glad this incredible game has been resurrected and I am looking forward to see what else they can do with it.

I think from an eXplorminate interview with someone from MuHa I picked up that the publisher required that this be a straight remake for the initial release with the hook that they could expand it from there if it did well enough. Which seems to be exactly what is happening.

Two different weird things I cannot recall from the original:

  1. Unit movement and especially auto-movement gets messed up by the presence of other stacks, even when the total number of units is within the limit of 9 per hex. Send a spearman from city A to city B, while sending an archer from city B to city A, and one goes around the other, costing extra hexes.

  2. The system involving battle rewards: Move two hexes with 4 paladins and a hero. Then enter battle with just the paladins. After winning the battle, the hero gets rewards just like the paladins. And it appears to be more than just XP, although the specifics elude me.

I know my memory is somewhat distorted by having played a lot of Caster, but it wasn’t that long ago that I played one game of the original, and I do not remember anything like either of these things.

One other thing. It seems to me that rewards for defeating major dungeon enemies has been toned down a bit. But there it might just be Caster I am comparing to.