Master of Magic remake, created by Thea devs, published by Slitherine

I wasn’t aware the whole game was changed to make it easier for the AI, but that makes sense given how much better the AI is!

There was an unofficial patch that modified the AI.

Nah you can’t use that either. Since the remake has many changes that make it different from the original. Anyway the mods for unofficial 1.5 on AI are not that big a deal, people get that patch more for bugs.

Yeah, one of the guiding philosophical principles of CoM, is that it cannot have any feature the AI has trouble using to its full effect.

And of course, the whole “Magic is powerful” motto… Hence the removal of magic immunity, beefing up of Summons etc. That said CoM breaks its own rules in some ways…

My friend wants to play this and it is on sale as are the DLC are the DLC worth getting?

I keep getting confused about which game the thread is talking about. Original MoM, MoM remake, or mods for one or both, and especially with regards to the mods, get completely lost…

I’m taking about MoM remake which I guess Matrix is done updating.
Although if there is “better” version I’m open to buying/playing that.

All of those things have been discussed.

I think the DLC are worth getting if you’ve played enough of the original to be looking for something new. Otherwise, all of your toys will be very familiar.