Master of Orion 3 patched--is this worth bothering with?

I know the steaming pile of shit this was at the beginning. Is it worth bothering with at all now?


I second what Mark said, No way. It’s a jumbled pile of mess. Worse than my desk.

The problems inherent in MOO3 weren’t something that patching was going to fix. The whole project needed to be scrapped and restarted.

I had fun playing it. IMHO patching COULD save it. The basic game design is pretty sound actually. Most of the problems were 1) bugs and 2) balance issues.

Both can be fixed through patching. Even some of the more annoying mechanics could have been fixed with patches.

The nice thing about MOO3 (for me), and what still makes me cast a longing glance at it from time to time, is the ease with which it can be modded. I like that kind of stuff…

The interface was the killer for me. Everything could have been fine, but that interface was like a demon from hell.

This thread can help you!


Short answer…NO.
Find a copy of MOO2 instead.
At any rate it was a better game when it was released in 1995 or 1996.
Except back then it was called Asecendancy, and it actually ran.

MOO2 was not called Ascendancy! Asecndancy is a different space game. It was quite a good game too, except for some AI flaws.

Many hours I wasted away, happily, in both MOO and MOO2! Then MOO3 came along. It was the last opened game I was actually able to return to a store for full refund!

Ascendancy: Great aliens and atmosphere, zero AI, hellish micromanagement endgame.

Actually, I find it interesting to see that the Logic Factory is still in business.

Their website has been updated exactly once (plus or minus a few)in the last 3 years. I was excited 2 years ago to see Ascendancy 2 in production. That page is the same now as it was then.