Masters of Horror

Per Tom’s idea, I thought I would start this up, particularly as the show is being shown (with commercials) on Reelz and is also on Netflix as well. I haven’t seen but a handful of these, but by far my favorite episode is “The Screwfly Solution”, based on a short story by Alice Sheldon. It’s an implausible, but fantastic end-of-the-world scenario and, at least to me, remains haunting.

Also up there is “Dream Cruise”. It is fairly predictable throughout, but has the satisfyingly creepy feel of any good Japanese horror film. Likewise, “Imprint” is not nearly as creepy, but is a wonderful story in its own right.

If you want humor, then both “Family” (with George “Norm” Wendt) and “The Washingtonians” are fun stories.

I’d avoid “That Damned Thing” as an entity story that just kind of stinks, it is very Stephen King-wannabe, and “Dance of the Dead” which has Robert Englund and not a thing else going for it.

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Imprint was the most vile, foul, offensive-for-offensive’s-sake, worthless film I have ever had the misfortune to witness.

When jeffd, myself and a couple others watched it, towards the end my roommate came home and saw us sitting in front of the TV, looks of despair and disgust on our faces. He asked us what we were watching, I told him, “Imprint.” He then asked if it was that bad and I told him, “It’s the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen.”

He paused for a moment in thought, obviously trying to come up with the most awful thing that could be in a movie. He said, in a slightly smart-assed tone, “Did it have… child rape?”

In one weary, defeated unison, the four of us sighed, “Yes.”

He blinked, and with a “Oh, okay then,” he promptly turned away and entered his room, shutting the door behind him.

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