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Was Brett Summers really a man? Help.

I’m not sure about Summers,perhaps someone else can help out-my question is,is Charles Nelson Reilly really a man?And was Richard Dawson ever really considered sexy by anyone?And what’s with Rayburn’s long,skinny microphone?

I have watched reruns of that from time to time since I remember watching it when it was first on. It was really well done. The three main guests on the show, Brett, Charles and Richard really held it together and had great chemistry with Gene Rayburn. Overall very entertaining.

– Xaroc

Yep Xaroc, you are right. I remember watching when I was much younger and loved it. The re-runs are still pretty amusing. I always loved Richard Dawson on thERE and Family Feud. Charles Nelson Reiley stll cracks me up.

And BTW, did any of you see Alec Baldwin do the SNL spoof of Inside the Actor’s Studio. Alec did great Charles Nelson Reiley.

The earliest bit I remember from the Conan O’Brian show was when he and Andy were exploring an archaelogical dig in the studio. They pulled out a skinny 3 foot long stick and Conan said something like, “Wow, this must be Gene Rayburn’s microphone from Matchgame '75!”