Match Point

Saw this tonight and was very pleasantly surprised; probably my favorite serious movie of the year. If you can forgive a somewhat long second act, check this one out. It’s basically Closer done right; the drama is tense, and it turns into a bonafide thriller at the end, leading up to one of the most satisfying twist endings I’ve seen in ages.

It’s very well acted and very well directed. Warning for Woody Allen fans, though: this is not a comedy. I mean, it isn’t one of his “not out and out comedy, exactly” movies. This is not a comedy, not even a little tiny bit. If Allen didn’t have the ego that he does, he could maybe have pulled a Mel Brooks and left his name off of it.

Are you saying you didn’t like Closer?

Because I didn’t really, and I’m really hoping Match Point would be good. Johannsen fanboy that I am.

I’m saying that Closer was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the theater, and Match Point is the best movie of the year, but they’re about kind of similar things.

Seconded on the Match Point love (although not the Closer dissing, since I never saw it). This is a very good movie – well written, well acted, terrific characters. The main character goes through a sort of transformation that I found a little hard to swallow, but if you can get over that, everything else about the movie is great. Great shots, great dialogue, and no glaring weaknesses. One of the few really good movies this year that holds together all the way to the end – in fact, the end is probably one of the best parts. I’d echo extarbags’ warning to the fans: this isn’t a “Woody Allen movie.” I’m not a huge Woody Allen fan, so that was fine with me.

Meh. I liked Allen’s take on luck and how it played into the latter part of the movie, but the story was nothing new. Liked Johanssen until her dialogue began to consist entirely of “When are you going to leave her?!” I kept expecting the guy to come home and find a boiled rabbit on the stove.

Still, there’s no denying it kicks the shit out of Melinda and Melinda.

Loved this movie. Allen definitely has made one of his best films of a long career. While the story really isn’t anything too different for Allen (adultery), with many similarities to his excellent Crimes and Misdemeanors, i think that Match Point is the first time I saw a great film instead of a great Woody Allen film.

Superb acting,I think the move to England (which I think was for financing reasons) proved to be extremely beneficial, and the ideas at play were fascinating. I dug Melinda and Melinda for taking an idea, can the same story have to different feels, and exploring it. Here it’s luck, and Allen uses that to create a great spine to build his story around.