Matrix Revolutions trailer

New trailer is out,

Looks pretty good.

Yeah, it’s very kind of them to drop some actual plot points – possibly TOO many, but oh well :-)

If you don’t like spoilers then STOP READING THIS THREAD! (and why are you even thinking about the trailer at all???)

So Smith is out of hand, and WHAT was Neo talking to at the beginning there? Some kind of REAL-WORLD Matrix-master-mind manifestation???

I personally can’t wait for the fight scene set in what looks like a high-class fetish club :-D love them outfits!

And why does it help for Neo to be blindfolded when using his new real-world machine-control powers?

And what is that about with the needle sticking ITSELF into Neo’s head?

Then there’s another of those mysterious “green-o-vision” shots near the end… and the explosion of force from Smith & Neo’s punch… and I love the trickle of dust & mortar from the roof of Zion…

OK. Ya.

I’m excited.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…I’m kind of jazzed to see this movie now. Maybe, just maybe, it will be good.

I’ll have to rewatch the trailer, but it looked like maybe some blood around the edge of Neo’s blindfold, perhaps he’s been blinded?

How about the shot where a ship is coming down from the sky… AND its BLUE and you can see the MOON. Talk about spoiler packed.