"Matrix Style" combat

Anybody else sick of seeing this Crap in every new movie with an action scene?? :evil:


Yeah, it’s overdone and it’s in everything nowadays

I think Underworld will be the next big offender.

No, especially when it’s well done.

It’s become a cliche. Soon it will drop to hack director tool status. Much like the hero/badguy walking in slow motion towards the camera while something blows up behind him. Or being chased down a tunnel/pipe/hallway by a ball of fire, only to fall to the ground/turn the corner/close the door just in time.

Eventually another camera trick will catch on and every new movie will copy that as well. It’s the natural evolution of every filming technique.

I can’t wait until every movie starts building its own freeway to wreck and destroy cars on.

Well, I’m expecting to see Seabiscuit do a slow motion backflip next week. :shock: