MattG and AngieD present: Sony E3 Threadcast

That’s what you get when you shoehorn it in at the last minute after Nintendo reveal it a year earlier.

The fact that They’ve only known about it internally for “a couple of weeks” suggests about a year before games work with it properly.

It does however change quite alot.


Cdn. $700??? WTF. You could have 2 xbox 360x for that. In fact, you could have all other consoles together for the same price as one PS3

My wallet is laughing and weeping.

So damn 599 thats a lot of money.

Also November 10th is the day I graduate from the Academy.

OK, I gotta ask, why would I want to pay $100 extra just to get a slightly bigger drive? This doesn’t seem like the slam-dunk of the 360 packs. Probably because we are talking a significant amoutn of money just for the tard pack.

Thankfully it is over. I would like to share that Matt literally fell out of his chair and rolled around on the floor laughing when he saw the price points.

I just can’t believe they’re charging an extra $100 for 40GB more HDD space. There’s got to be more crippled in the 20GB version.

$499 and $599. I don’t have much to say. Night folks.

4 million by the end of the year.

Hard to tell from the video, but assuming the games look roughly the same as X360 games… well…

As usual, we get to pay more, about $560 US for the PS3 for us. :( That’s quite a bit of money to save up. Well, its better to wait after launch anyway. I’m sure I’ll have it ready for the new year.


launching 200 dollars higher than the 360 launch? damn, combine that with a price drop just before launch from MS, and I think sony might be in trouble.

There were a few (very few) neat games in that demo, but nothing I would pay 500 bucks for if I were even remotely price concious.

Damage control. I think Sony died.

Although they gave Nintendo a good kick in the nuts on the way down.

Edit: Do not use the internet tomorrow. It will bristle with Ninentdo-fuelled hatred.
Oh, what larks!

…fuck Playsation?

Time to watch something with a little more honesty to it: Pro Wrestling!

Is that fiscal year though?

And 499 for the cheap one, damn!

Agreed, all I know is I am saving for a 360 now.

I didn’t see the video, but based on the descriptions, that controller sounds like the Microsoft FreeStyle Pro from a few years ago.

Guess we’ll see if Dave Long’s theory on launch pricing is true (i.e. Charge whatever you want; they’ll buy it!).

I thought it said 2006, but it could have been fiscal year.