Mature games that aren't actually mature

Why do games receive the Mature rating when their level of maturity is actually in question?

For instance, Fallout 3. It has teeny-bopper humor yet is being penned as a game for adults.


Because censorship boards attempt to reduce the entire human experience to a letter or two.

You are equivocating, Mikail.

Why doesn’t the Everyone rating apply to kids under age 6?

Why is there an M rating for 17+, and AO for 18+?

  • Alan

Trolling for NMA members much? You can’t possibly be trying to start yet another ratings thread.

How do you know what kind of game Fallout 3 is already? I thought it was still about a year away from release?

Fallout3 has humor aimed at 1950s-era teenagers?

Gee golly, that is just gonna be the bees-knees!!

Oh shit. I wonder how many other NMAers got in.

I would assume it has to do with the level of violence. You know, like people who explode in to a mass of flesh globs and bone fragments.

Also: Where’d you play Fallout 3?

Just to clarify, is this Mikail person serious?

Yeah, but his join date is 2003. Clearly, NMA has invented a time machine.

Well if that doesn’t just beat the band.

Naaa… they had to steal one. Guess this means chances are pretty high that NMA = Biff and or Griff.