Mavel Ultimate Alliance...I got dibs on The Thing

My pre-ordered Silver Surfer inclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance comes to my local EB tommorrow.

Unfortunately I have to go to a concert with my girlfriend tommorrow night (lousy social life always croppin up when a guy just wants to get his superhero on…)

Anyways, I’ll be playing this to death after work Thursday and through the weekend - hit me up for some co-op goodness.

I just noticed that it boasts some sort of competitive online mode - anyone know what that is?

You compete for kills and schwag with three other players. It’s competitive co-op.

Kinda interested, liked XML1/2, but they seemed to have really scaled back on the progression and upgrades for the heroes in this. If the focus is to deliver more visceral action than just mashing out the bulkiest power you’ve dumped points into, that could be good.

The levels seem a bit more interesting this time around, more varied with some creative boss duels compared to the labyrinthian corridor crawls of the XML games. Or maybe I’m speaking too soon given how little I’ve seen of this in preview form.

“pre-ordered Silver Surfer inclusive”

is that a different disc or just some unlock code? share!!!

I don’t know yet, but according to the EB staffers (so…you know…) the only way to get the Silver Surfer was to pre-order. I figured I was going to get the game anyways so why not get my free Norrin Radd.

I went the same route with Jade Empire and the extra character was on the bonus disk - you saved him to the HD to play him. Of course that was supposed to be an “exclusive” that you had to pre-order the deluxe edition to get. But then Jade Empire sold like crap and the Deluxe editions lined the walls of EB for months. - My guess is that this will be the same deal.

…or maybe you’ll be able to “microtransact” his silvery ass.

Isn’t he supposed to be coooosmiiiic pooooowwweerrreeeeeed or something? Wouldn’t that be kind of unbalancing? And why is BLADE in this game? Is he part of the Marvel universe? I thought he was a separate thing, just also published by Marvel.

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Any early reviews of this title?

Blade is part of the Marvel Universe. He’s currently in Namiba fighting the IRS instead of the undead. Apparently that $11M he wrote off as “sunglasses needed to look cool while vampire hunting” didn’t fly.

Blade is a character from the Spiderman comics. Though he is different from the movie and TV series

The Blade’s question’s been answered. I think.

The Silver Surfer was granted the power cosmic by Galactus when Norrin Radd agreed to be his herald in exchange for Galactus not eating his planet. Thor is also in the game, he’s a God. I’m guessing the uber powerful characters have been nerfed a bit and the weaker characters (I’m looking at you Electra) have been juiced.

Example: Juggernaught was a great character in XML, but he could still be hurt.

Yeah, what are they going to do with the Hulk, exactly.

“Hulk take it easy on puny humans!” flick

How is this in comparison to X-Men Legends?

What’s changed, beyond the characters?

Blade was a recurring character in the old Tomb of Dracula comics Marvel put out in the '70s, which were A) really rather good horror comics and B) part of the Marvel Universe; yes, Spidey encountered Dracula on occasion. In the '70s, Blade had some slight powers, but was generally just a black guy who used wooden throwing knives. He was blaxploitative.

When Wesley Snipes came along and revamped the character for the movies, the character was reintroduced to the MU in a not-wildly-dissimilar format to the film version, although the film takes place in a completely separate continuity.

My guess is…not much really. I do hope they made it easier to deal with the inventory and indivdualized the combat to reflect how these characters actually fight.

hopefully it doesnt have load times that make the game unplayable, thatd be a nice change from the X-men titles…

Did you play Hulk: Destruction Guap? That was the best superhero game evah ('cept for maybe Freedom Force after fan mods) and it got the Hulk vs. puny humans ratio right.

I hope The Watcher is playable!

The Watcher (Uatu to his friends) has sworn not to interfere with any of the events he witnesses.

but…it looks like some of the Inhumans are playable…Karnak the Shatterer anyone?

It was a joke, Blue.

Blue smash puny joke!