Mavel Ultimate Alliance...I got dibs on The Thing

He is in the game, though I’m sure not playable. I learned this after asking who naked huge head man was, after seeing him in a screenshot.

Karnak has a pretty big dome…

There is a list of playable and NPC characters here - Black Widow and Hawkeye are listed as PSP exclusives - WTF

Check it out - Samurai Jack is…the Watcher
Voice actors

[*][COLOR=#0000ff]Phil LaMarr[/COLOR] - Uatu the Watcher, Black Panther[/ul]

B.jackalope, that sucks! I always liked Hawkeye.

Way to stick the deaf hero on the port to the crappiest system. He should sue!

(I like my psp, but out of everything getting this game it is definately the worst system)

I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional characters added as downloadable content on the PS3 and 360.

some bean counter is right now trying to figure out how many 150 point alternate costumes they can rape out of me - for Hank Pym/Giant Man/Ant man/ Yellowjacket alone! Plus the Ultimate vs Regular continuities…must. resist. geekiest. urges.

Check it out - Samurai Jack is…the Watcher
Voice actors
[li]Phil LaMarr - Uatu the Watcher, Black Panther[/ul][/li][/quote]

Phil LaMarr FTW. I went to college with him. He got shot in the face in Pulp Fiction, and was the voice of the American merc in Mercenaries. Is there a site like IMDB, but with computer game voice credits? I think he’s got a good Mark Hamill thing going.

The inclusion of Karnak certainly makes the game appeling to me. What about that giant bulldog with a tuning fork on his head that used to run around with the Inhumans – can you play him?

With 140 playable characters, I imagine there will be a crapload of recycled combat animations. But I hope to be proven wrong.

I wish someone would put a cel-shaded superhero action RPG rendered entirely in KirbyVision.

The giant bulldog is Lockjaw-Which i admit I always wanted a bulldog to name the same.
Love him in this T-shirt

A lot of actors video game credits are listed on IMDB. (at least Sam Fisher aka Michael Ironside is)

LaMarr’s is lousy with voice credits - check it out hes a goddamn machine seriously…

[COLOR=#0000ff]Mercenaries[/COLOR] (2005) (VG) (voice) … Christopher Jacobs, News Correspondent 2

I thought Lockjaw was the purple dragon that followed Kitty Pryde around. No?

Dont want to be redundant but Freedom Force is almost an homage to King Jack.

no, tuning fork giant bulldog is lockjaw.

Lockjaw is the big dog, Lockheed is the Dragon, Jabberjaw is the great white shark (who never massacared and then ate his teenage companions - unlike Scooby Doo)

True 'nuff.

I wish this was DC

All I know is the thread got me to another web site that in which I’m completely lost in: the John Byrne web site. Yow. I loved this guy in the 70’s and 80’s. Makes me want to dig in the basement for all my old X-Men comics.

what’s wrong with you man?

Knowing nothing about comics, I thought this and that DC game were the same thing. I also saw the DC game getting middling reviews…

This game, on the other hand, looks a lot more promising. Especially with Raven at the helm. I’m interested to see how it turns out.