Mavericks: Proving Grounds... outPUBGing PUBG?

So it’s a 400 players Battle Royale game (1000 players coming soon!) but with less lag, with graphics like the Vanishing of Ethan Carter and where you can also track other players through tracks in the mud, broken branches, etc.

And destructible buildings. And wildfires.

Man, those are some promises. Star Citizen is going to have to step up its game.

This sounds really cool but I’m going to need to hear some real gameplay beta feedback before getting too excited.

Acronym fight: PUBG vs MPG.

PUBG is so bad it’s kind of charming. MPG makes me think I should be driving a hybrid.

Saw Mavericks and immediately thought of big wave surfing. bummer. Would be fun to have a good surfing game…

It looks great. We just need some dang gameplay footage

I registered an account which I think will eventually give me access to open beta, and it looks like starting tomorrow you can sign up to be a Founder, which grants closed beta access (starts August and runs through September). No idea what the pricing for that might be. Rewards include:

  • Founders Beta Access ( Aug - Sept '18 )
  • Limited Availability
  • 12 Months Citizenship
  • An Exclusive Founders Cosmetic Weapon Kit
  • An Exclusive Founders Icon Spray
  • An Exclusive Founders Emote
  • Access to the Founder Hall
  • Exclusive Founders Cosmetics (including website avatar)

But does it come with .jpgs of vehicles or weapons?

Looks like the game is dead:


Not that I ever had high hopes for it, but I was curious how close (or not) they might get with their server focus on large amounts of players on a somewhat dynamic map. I still think networking and AI are the two biggest dinosaurs in gaming.

Yeah, between this and Worlds Adrift shutting down a month or so ago, I wonder if we’ll ever see a SpatialOS game come to fruition.