MAX Media Player (4GB) for Nintendo DS

I saw this at Best Buy today, but didn’t know anything about it. Does anyone have any experience with it?

It’s $150, so I didn’t just impulse buy it, but it looks cool. It has a 4GB Flash Drive w/ USB2.0 that plugs into the GBA port and a NDS cartridge that plugs into the top. Plays MP3s, movies, etc.

I searched here and didn’t find anything (also a pain because Max is shorter then the min. letter count to search for). A quick search on the web seems to reveal that it allows for execution of homebrew executables as well.

Haha. I remember when I thought 4gb would have been enough. So Naiive.

I was extremely interested in this when I first heard about it, but I’ve read horrible reviews, including this one.

The gist being it is a nice piece of hardware but the software is almost unusably bad. This possibly could have changed in the time since I was first looking at buying one of these – if anyone knows for sure that the software has improved and this thing is worth $150, let me know.

Well, since that article was written, there aparently has been a firmware update for an MP3 player. And a movie player is in the works, according to their website…$&r=0&l=1&page=1&p=17&i=9004&s=8

I’m still not convinced this is a cool as I thought a few hours ago while I was standing in Best Buy.

I bought a thing kind of like for the DS a while back.

I now own a video iPod.