Max Payne 2 screenshots

Thanks to Consolegold

These look really great. I really liked the first one; I still get it out and play it from time to time. If not for those stupid platforming interludes and and an akward, cliche filled (but still fun) story , Max Payne 1 would have been damn near perfect. Here’s hoping for the best in the sequal.

Mod teams are already assembled and dedicated to give Max the “old” constipated look we all know and love.

yay! more posting magazine scans!

Why does it say “Eidos let slip three screenshots for Max Payne 2 today” when those are very clearly magazine scans, and when Eidos isn’t even the publisher for Max Payne? Does Eidos distribute MP in Europe or something?

Edit: I don’t even know what magazine these are from. Not CGM.

Intellectual property is a tool of the Man. Information wants to be free!

In other news, we can no longer pay you to perform your job, gg kthx.

They look like video grabs to me. Too blurry to be scans, IMO. The first one looks like a bad Polaroid of a screenshot.

I saw them pop up somewhere else and there it said they were scans from a French magazine.

I look forward to seeing it in action. I’ve even been tempted to replay Max Payne lately.