Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Nope, Sam is referring to some of the gameplay of the dream sequences in Max1 (and I’m sure everyone agrees that they could’ve been better).


when is teh d3mo going to be released for MP2?

(estimated time of arrival?)

No, you’re stretching. Like times infinity. And you’re proving my point. Bullet time is not that specific. If we were talking about the middle mouse button doing that thing where Trinity kicks the shotgun up and over the guy and then shoots him with it, and that move was so important that Max had to use it on every third person, then yeah. You’re citing specific examples, but bullet time lets you do a lot of different cool things that weren’t done a hundred times in The Matrix. Plus it’s fun. I win :P


Is not shipping review copies a viable way to slow down piracy?

If by slow down you mean one or two days, then yes, I suppose.

I always thought that most of the warez stuff came from someone at the dupe plant sneaking a copy out.

I think Take 2 not shipping review copies early is due to one of two things: 1) They didn’t want early reviews, for whatever reason, or 2) One of the magazines has an “exclusive first Max Payne review!” deal.

Actually, warez comes from just about any avenue the ripping groups can get their hands on. Even from QA…anywhere that actually has a full copy of the game.

Halo got me thinking that maybe pre-release review copies weren’t the best idea, since it ended up being like -8 day warez. It was fairly apparent that the warez version came from the review copy. A solid demo seems like a far better idea.

Now, all we’d need to do is find some devs that remember what the point of a demo is instead of pulling the ol’ “Oh yeah, go ahead and just buy the game. We’ll make a demo later, with a dinky level or 2. Maybe.”

If warez are coming from review copies, that seems like it’d be easy to track if you fingerprinted the games. Hell, you could create an incidental data file with a unique ID, or put a watermark in a single texture, and burn individual CDs for reviewers and track it back to the source. Reviewers probably aren’t 1337 h@xx0rz.

I’d love to see whatever reviewer is leaking warez versions get caught so I wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to run some “review” copies (which use different copy protection, so technically aren’t true golds… bah! And EA wants me to mail them back? Please.)

Some companies have done that. 3DO sent me an Army Men game with the dire warning that my beta version was fingerprinted with my name and they’d know that Mark Asher had leaked it if it got out in the wild. The thing that bothered me about this is that I didn’t agree to it. I got this unsolicited in the mail. Had someone at 3DO wanted to harm me, they could have gotten a version of the game with my name fingerprinted on it in the warez channels and then blamed me. I know – outlandish conspiracy theory, game companies don’t care about game journalists that much anyway, etc. It just bothered me that I didn’t get a chance to decline participation.

Okay, into Chapter One, Part Five… so far the game is not really different from the original - yeah you can throw grenades (or do melee combat) while having a weapon armed, which is nice. You can fire from the prone position once you do the shootdodge (keep firing and he’ll stay down till you run out of ammo).

The first dream sequence is annoying and boring.

Don’t expect hugely big improvements in the game engine - the fire looks nicer, and so do the faces on the characters, and I think there are higher texture resolutions (or level objects) but that’s about it so far.

I seem to have a bug where the voice-overs and the lip-syncing are either not syncing correctly or not at all.

The other weird thing is, I don’t think I remember this from MP, is that the target crosshair is offset from the character on the screen. Normally I’d think it’d be dead-center or just above the character, but instead it’s like up and to the right. It’s a little disorienting.

— Alan

I’ve had some Gameboy ROMs in the past (legal - for purposes of reviewing, before anyone asks) with names splashed up before the publisher logo appears. Which really hacks me off. There are better ways of getting me to like you than flat out telling me that I’m not trusted, but hey.

And EA wants me to mail them back? Please.)

“Gosh, yes, Mr. Publisher. I will return you that CD-R that you 15-day timelocked anyway. Because you really are going to pass it onto somebody else and you don’t have any other copies.”

I’m in Chapter 1 of Act III and I’m loving it. This is from someone who thinks the original is way overrated. The story, and more importantly the writing, is much better than in the first. There hasn’t been anything nearly on the ludicrously bad level of “the sun set with practiced bravado” or whatever it was. The new face for Max is a huge improvement and makes it much easier to empathize with his character. The music, voice acting, etc are in keeping with Rockstar’s normally high standards.

The biggest improvement IMO is level design. The first game was decidedly lackluster in that department as every location was enter room, shoot, enter next room. This one has some nice touches like a police station level that will let you just wander and explore the station house and chat with people. Its optional but a really nice touch. There is also a funhouse thats incredibly cool and is like something out of a Monolith game. Overall there is a lot more variety this time out, including a few surprises that I won’t spoil. Even the dream sequences are neat and don’t have the maze and jumping problems from the first game.

The new physics engine doesn’t have a lot of direct impact on gameplay but it makes the firefights immeasurabley more cinematic. Graphics are great and run very smoothly with all settings maxed.

The only complaint is the game lenght and thats only because the game is so good. With the first one I was ready for the game to be over but this time I will be very sorry to see it go.

I’m hoping somebody will mod a remake of the first game with the new engine. The firefights would be much cooler with the new physics engine.

Sure. I’ve had betas that had my name on every screen, which is just weird.

But the reviews would be done in such a way the person wouldn’t know it; you wouldn’t knowingly warez it if you knew it was fingerprinted. Because it’s probably a few guys who do this all the time, not random people. If you caught them, it might actually stop.

Best-case scenario is the game isn’t warezed prior to retail release. Once the game is out, someone will buy it and rip it and it will be warezed. I don’t see any way of stopping that.

Has anyone else noticed that the camera moves like a goddamn spaz? It’s so jerky and moves so suddenly, with enough starts and stops that it’s making me seasick. This is not something I encounter very often with games, and I didn’t have any problem with it in MP1.

Very important question. Any dream mazes? Will I have to suffer through something similar to the 30 minutes of randomly stumbling down the halls of the demented Payne residence from the first game?

One company where I was a beta tester, they went nuts trying to find a leak. It was as if every beta revision was on the net before even all the Q&A computers had them. We all had long interviews, they were getting to the point they were going to fire everyone when it as discovered that the lead programer of another project was the one leaking out the game. Apparently he was pissed off at someone working on our game and was doing this to hurt it for some reason. I never got the whole story of how they figured out it was him. Maybe he confessed? Anyways, it really hurt the company because it didn’t help the sales of our game and his game was canceled once he was removed.

The first sequence doesn’t seem to have any endless mazes… fairly linear.

— Alan

Guess it’s not an exclusive first review deal, unless Telefragged missed the memo. They have the first review up:

So was Take2 worried about potentially bad early reviews cutting into sales?