Max Payne : not too bad

I have been playing Max Payne and have just got passed the restaurant fire scene after about ten attempts. Overall though I am really enjoying this game. The writing is a bit wacky but the style is great.

Glad to see you enjoying it. I really liked it when I played it and even completed it again in new york minute mode. The bullet time never got old for me and the things other people complained about seemed pretty insignificant to me (length, writing, etc.). The only thing I didn’t like was the wierd nightmare levels. Other than that it was a lot of fun.

– Xaroc

The ‘dream’ levels were dumb, and I just didn’t get into the ‘Hard Boiled’ writing as people call it, but bullet time rocks.

Actually, I thought the first dream level was fantastic. The last one was not very good, though, mostly because they felt the need to fill it with tedious (and somewhat difficult) jumping puzzles.

I think of Hammett and Chandler when I think of hardboiled writing. Max Payne didn’t even come up to Mickey Spillane quality.

I think it was going for graphic novel, which it achieved the very bottom layer of.

I skipped most of the cutscenes. They made me cringe, and my focus was not on the plot. Just skip it and say to yourself, “After I killed all those guys, I found out there were more guys I had to kill, so I headed over there.”

Be sure to try the various mods, especially the Kung Fu mod, and the True Matrix mod (which includes the Kung Fu mod).

Yeah, I had to consult a FAQ/walkthrough to get through the restauraunt. The jumping dream level puzzles did suck.

Well, all things considered, I’d rather have crappy story and decent gameplay (Max Payne) than decent story and crappy gameplay (Mafia).

Mafia is such a treat for the senses. It’s positively Myst-like.

Oh, come on, the writing in Max Payne was hilarious! He had one line, that I wish I could remember now, about the streets below being an off-key something-or-other in a symphony of such-and-such (it’s been a long time, I played it when it first came out). I loved that line, I was quoting it for weeks. Most of the reason I enjoyed it was probably the conviction the voice actor delivers those lines with.

I was going to buy Mafia, but I think I’ll just play this game again, and give some of those mods a try. Thanks for the reminder :) .

“The sun went down with practiced bravado. Twilight crawled across the sky, laden with foreboding.”

“It was colder than the Devil’s’ heart, raining ice pitchforks as if the heavens were ready to fall.”

It’s pure gold!

I have finished the game now. Basically I couldn’t stop playing it. Lot’s of fun. :)

The writing almost sounds like it has been translated from another language.

Let’s not forget: “The snow came down like ash from post-apocalyptic skies.”

Found it: “The cops arrived, sirens singing in the off-key harmony of a manic-depressive choir.”

I loved the corny writing in Max Payne too but I could never find anyone else who really appreciated it!

You hang out at the wrong mental institutions, I guess.

Don’t forget, “It was colder than a witch’s teat in a brass bra.”

Oh, wait, that was someone in Junior High. I confused the writing styles for a minute. :P

It’s being remade!

Do we really need a remake?


The old games are horrible to look at today, and I would LOVE to play them again. They were filled to the brim with atmospheric writing, that just oozes film noir and pulp writing. Its glorious!

I remember the graphics were great at the time. And Max Payne 2 had early ragdoll tech! It felt new and pretty sweet making dudes dance the bullet boogy.

I played the fuck out of Max Payne / Max Payne 2. I even made Max Payne enter the matrix and kick it’s ass with mods like Kung Fu and others with extra matrix-esque dodge variants. My favorite one was this bullet time forward flip with a pump shotgun, blasting slugs into a dudes dome pieces.

There was another mod I tried where you had a katana and can dismember people with ridiculous drawn out anime? blood showers.

Man, I can’t really do deep dives into games like that anymore.

They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point. I released my finger from the trigger, and then it was over.

James McCaffrey has passed away due to cancer.

I can’t even. Feels like part of my childhood has died.

Rest in peace, James, and thank you.