Max Payne's New Face

Of the two type of people in this world, those who liked Max Payne and those who hated it, I’m in the “liked” category. But one things that always bothered me as much if not more than the giggle-worthy writing is that guy’s face. Thankfully, Remedy has decided not to use one of the devs as the model this time around (apologies to PC Zone for linking to a scan):

This is certainly an improvement in my opinion. However, Scott Miller was quoted as saying: “The original game used Remedy developers, family and friends for faces… we all like Sam Lake better as Max… [but] he doesn’t have time to fly to New York to take part in the photo sessions.”

C’mon, Scott. Photos can only be taken in NY? Finns don’t have access to digital cameras? We all know that the Sam’s he-who-smelt-it-dealt-it expression should’ve been cut in Milestone 1. But this change is certainly for the better.

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I never believe anything Scott Miller says without corroborating evidence.

Finns don’t have access to digital cameras?

If Remedy can buy a laser scanner they might like to start using it.

Not to worry, the guy in that screenshot is squeezing off a silent-but-deadly honeyfart as well as a 9mm round.

Just keepin’ the potty humor alive…

I loved Max Payne.

It’s the computer game version of Payback which I thought was an awesome adaptation of a great pulp story.

That said… I also liked the faces of the Max Payne characters. They were clearly real people, not humans of near demi-god-like features who were then photochopped into a game.

I like the original Max Payne better. He had character, and he was more “real” than this new one, which looks like Generic Hollywood Actor #2521.

Also, is it just me or the new Max Payne looks like James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)?

I loved the first Max Payne and consider it one of the best action games ever made. I still go back to it from time to time, and I keep meaning to try out the latest version of the kung fu mod, which looks amazing.

I like the new look of Max a lot. He’s got sort of a fuming Harrison Ford thing going on–it’s more convincing than the sucked-on-a-lemon expression he had in the first game. I’m glad the game looks stylistically different than the first, if for no other reason than the fact that I really liked the style of the first one, and would therefore like to see what else Remedy can do.

I love his tie. The face is too old. I guess chowing all that morphine really ages you.

I agree; it’s too bad that some people seem to hold a grudge against it.

It’s certainly better than Enter the Matrix in virtually every way, bar cutscenes and kung fu. And with Kung Fu mod, even that slim advantage vanishes to nothing.


Max Payne is so boring I couldn’t continue past level two on the second time around. I’m not joking when I said I couldn’t continue playing for the yawns I was stifling. The game is just signpost, rails, signpost, rails, signpost, rails, all the way through. Holding a grudge against a game is daft. It’s the producers and developers who hyped the game into something it wasn’t that deserve contempt. Doing what it did well doesn’t make it a great game. You enjoyed it? Great. Just don’t hold a grudge against other people who felt they’d been sold a mickey.

Erm, what do you expect them to say? “Yeah, Max Payne is pretty good, but you know, kinda dull”?

Do you believe what movie stars say in the endless interviews prior to a big release?

I found Max Payne to be a pretty damn fine game. They wanted an action game, they made a good one with a nice weapon feel.

If they got rid of the two dream levels and made it much much longer, it would’ve been the perfect action game.

As for Max Payne’s face, meh…I kind of like the original look better. Not because the guy looked conspitated, but he just looked like a character named Max Payne.

This guy looks more of a pissed off James Bond or a retired actor.

Looks like Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman to me.

Will the game feature a cat near an ATM?

If it was Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, that would be better. American Psycho was a good movie.

Whoa too much positive momentum here, time to tilt the scales.

Max Payne was a bad FPS with a cheap gimmic and high res textures. Yes it was cool to slow down time for a while, but after that it became painfully apparent the “enter room, slow time, jump, shoot, repeat” style gameplay that represtented the entire game. Not to metion the story made me want to jab spikes into my eyes and ears to stop the pain.

It wasn’t a FPS :P

"It wasn’t a FPS "

And what a difference it was! :P

Of course it did; that’s what the game was supposed to be. It was, after all, a shooter. Story driven shooter, but shooter none the less. I mean, what else is it supposed to have? Would you have liked puzzles where you had to slide blocks around or something? Maybe add a collectible card game?

I mean, obviously if you don’t like a game where you just shoot things, you wouldn’t like a shooter.

“I mean, what else is it supposed to have?”

Oh, I dunno… intelligent AI, scripted events, a good story, hand to hand combat, branching paths maybe, vehicles perhaps? anything!

Just because I enjoy action movies doesn’t mean that I have to like Last Action Hero.

Had it come out before HL then I might have enjoyed it more.

You should definitely do that, I played through with the Kung Fu mod and it was amazing how well the game holds up. Interestingly enough I rarely used bullet time with the Kung Fu because you could move so unpredictably and quickly you could end up behind enemies and beat them down before they could really hurt you.

You can get it here although the site seems unresponsive right now:

– Xaroc