Maxtor appears to have a POS software program

Recently replaced my HDD (old 20G Seagate) with a new Maxtor 120-having heard that their “FlastBlast” transfer software was shit, I went ahead and bought-for $200-the Maxtor “One Step” extenal HDD. Hey, I am not a computer geek, although I would bet that I am levels above your “average” user.

Since then, it has been nothing but trouble. The original transfer seemed to work OK, but since then I keep getting error messages when trying to backup-using both the “One Touch” and the “Retrospect” software that is included.

I am sorry, but if you advertise your backup as “One Touch”, and it works like this-it is Bullshit!

And the great thing about it is that all the computer mags tout this a a wonderful solution for backups. Well, I just lost 20% of everything I had on my HDD, and I say this solution sucks!