May 20: wallet threat level Legendary

Title May 20: wallet threat level Legendary
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When May 20, 2013

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is the add-on that makes the game that made Elemental better even better. That might sound convoluted. For good reason..

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"This is the strongest leg in the three-legged renaissance of fantasy
strategy gaming consisting of Fallen Enchantress, Warlock, and Eador."

No, not really.

FE;Legendary heroes is bait and switch theft from consumers who bought FE with the expectation of a full game not a beta for yet another product. For the sake of clarity you should point out you have a relationship with this company.

They are all worthy games but I'd give that crown to Warlock not FE.

So I pre-ordered Elemental way back before it came out. When it did I was very disappointed and wrote it off as a bad purchase. I have casually followed the more recent incarnations but have yet to sit down and really play them.

If I was to do that should I jump right into to Legendary Heroes or go back and start with Fallen Enchantress or even Elemental? Does Legendary Heroes build on what was in Fallen Enchantress or is a different game fundamentally?

Rats, foiled again! You've unearthed my plot to drive up the stock price and get rich. Plus, I get 10% of all the profits for copies sold of Fallen Enchantress. Also, those other two fantasy strategy games kicked my dog.

Legendary Heroes is basically a set of improvements to Fallen Enchantress. There is no reason to play without it, just like there's no reason -- less than no reason -- to play Elemental without Fallen Enchantress.

Just jump straight into Legendary Heroes and you'll be fine, PJ.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'd have to agree. In Warlock, the AI can at least play the game and put up a fight. In FE and Eador the computer doesn't seem to know how to play the game. The AI opponents do make stacks, but the AI stacks are like short stacks of pancakes, and are quickly gobbled up by your death stack, which is like a boa constrictor. Even on the harder difficulties the AI is only enough to make the smallest of bumps in your murder-snake's stomach.

DKCR is mystifying. Remake of a 2.5 year old game. Significantly downgraded graphics and halved frame rate. All of a sudden forced waggle as a replacement for a digital button in a precision platformer is a bad idea after all. That problem was of course solved by both emulation(which makes it look amazing simultaneously) and homebrew anyway. Now they want to sell this at full price again. 8 new levels which means fans like me can't very well just ignore it completely. If it wasn't for the halved frame rate I'd just suck it up and reluctantly buy it, but this is just making me annoyed at Nintendo.

People rag on old ports for the Vita, but at least those are usually vastly improved or at least up to par. Hell, its Wiimake, Muramasa, should be great, although again price is an issue. It does however remain to be seen how the Jak Collection turns out; Naughty Dog were MIT researcher equipped digital wizards of the PS2 and even if good Vita ports are possible it might not be economically feasible.

That's improved in the last couple of betas, at least with some AIs. The AI's will freeze/tremor your stack of doom. The real issue is Brad isn't that good at his own game, and occasionally the AI's get crappy starts (I wouldn't mind a rule to guarantee that AI's got a starting spot as good as the player does- if he gets a 4/3/2, the AI's should have access to the same)

The AI isn't perfect, but by fantasy AI standards it's good, despite a few things that are rather stupid.

IMHO Fallen enchantress in the better game. I'm not fond of the changes to combat and hero advancement in Legendary Heroes.

One is left wondering if you'd be more or less glowing white star about LH were you not so close to the developers. Its natural for people to have bias towards their friends and buttlovers.

It's also natural for the reverse, for enmity to make something seem bad when it isn't.

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