May 28: wallet threat level Goth pale

Title May 28: wallet threat level Goth pale
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When May 28, 2012

You know that annoying thing your buddy does when he pulls up in his car to pick you up? As you reach for the door, he lurches the car forward so you have to run and catch up. Then he does it again. And again..

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Who wouldn't play a game like Dirt Showdown on PC? Sure, you probably want to do it with a controller, but that's not a problem. And, especially at this point in the console life cycle, it probably looks a lot better on PC. And multiplayer? Free.

That said, it's a racing game. The closest I've ever gotten to enjoying that genre is Burnout.

Of course you stand there until he backs up. Or go do something else :)

I really think that the split for a lot of people is "does this game work better on a mouse and keyboard, or with a controller?" and the thing is, on PC you don't have to choose.

Expansion for The Binding of Isaac today, Ys Origin on thursday. I really hope Ys does well and they continue to release Falcom's backlog. Maybe it could even get Falcom back to PC development eventually, given how poorly the vita is doing.

I was a massive fan of Black Rock's Pure (and Split Second) and I need my arcade racing fix so Mad Riders looks interesting. You should review it Tom!