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WTF is it with Mac users and this overboard zealotry?

Turning a perfectly good dual G5 into a crappy PC was the ticket that got you to hell," wrote another, citing the common eternal damnation theme. “And if you were in front of me I’d pop a corn-born Teflon bullet from my Glock in your fucking face.”

I know I’ve been labelelled a fanboy, but this is just insane.

Well, you know… there are fanboys, and then there are fanboys.

“And if you were in front of me I’d pop a corn-born Teflon bullet from my Glock in your fucking face.”


“I’m a parent, and if my son did something like this (hoax) I’d kill him.”

Why? So what if he pissed off a few overzealous Mac users? It’s like jamming a stick into a hornet’s nest, but without the danger of getting stung. :D

LOL! I have often thought of doing something similar. I have a Mac G4 here which I rarely use but I do like the case. Be nice to put all my PC components in it.

I knew someone at a the University I went to/worked at that used an old Mac as a footrest.

This was found out when I had to do inventory. The fact that the inventory sheet said that it was a $3000 footrest was quite amusing though.

Pfft. Like a Mac user could operate a Glock.

/puts feet up on G4

I think the writer meant Cor-bon. They make high-velocity ammo, but no Teflon bullets.

“Teflon bullet” is also incorrect. He likely is referring to the near-mythical KTW bullets, a.k.a. Cop-killer bullets. Those were made of solid brass for greater penetration, but had to be coated in Teflon to protect the gun barrel from excessive wear. Popular belief is that the Teflon increased penetration, but it didn’t.

However, it does keep food from sticking to them, so cleanup is a snap.

  • Alan

Is there a polite way to say “AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA?”

If that guy was in front of me, I’d do an interpetive dance of the Dance of St. Vitus all up in his shit. DOES HE EVEN KNOW HOW LUCKY HE IS NOT BEING IN FRONT OF ME?

You’d be tempting the wrath of the zealots my friend!


You’d be tempting the wrath of the zealots my friend![/quote]

Not to mention it’s already been done.

Although I have to admit, I’ve been tempted to strip my G4-350 and dump a 2 GHz Athlon in there… The case design on the Apples is great – makes you wonder why it took so long for PC Mfrs. to adopt some of the same ideas…

Mac zealots are amusing, if only because they’re so rabid that they’re really caricatures of themselves. But, well, if that’s what it takes to keep Apple in business, more power to them – having some competition to Wintel (besides linux, of course) is a good thing!

And iPods are nice too !