Mayor of Toronto on the Way Out

Okay, Canuckistanians, now is your time to shine! Explain to me what’s up with the Toronto mayor getting ousted.

The case centred around Ford’s decision to participate in a February council debate on whether he should be forced to repay $3,150 to lobbyists whose donations to his football foundation he improperly accepted.

My news feed looks like the Canadian version of the day they killed Bin Laden.

Ford’s vote on whether he should be censured for conflict of interest (using Mayor’s office resources to promote the football team he coaches) was, in itself, another conflict of interest. His defense was that he was ignorant of the COI rules, but ignorance of the law is no defense.

It’s entirely secondary that Ford is an ethically suspect, loathsome, loudmouthed a-hole against whom the majority of Toronto citizens voted.

Mayor of Toronto out on an ethics charge for soliciting funds for his private charity on paper with city letterhead and voting on a resolution on whether the money should be given back: Threads both here and at Broken Forum.

Mayor of Montreal out on allegations that came out during a public inquiry, according to which he knew about illicit financing of his party by mob-tied construction firms looking for contracts but preferred to plead ignorance by walking out every time the subject came up by saying “I don’t have to know this”: Not a word.

Oh, but I forget:

Mayor of Toronto: Disgusting fat populist conservative (boooo!) in charge of major English-speaking city: Worth coverage.

Mayor of Montreal: Quietly efficient technocratic milquetoast safely on the federalist side (yayyyy!) of a French-speaking city: Who is he again?

As a Canadian (by obligation), I know that this is just Ford’s homage to Robert Stanfield.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Ford is a media-unfriendly grotesque, basically a parody of a Conservative, whereas I couldn’t pick the Mayor of Montreal out of a police lineup.

Canadians let Montreal politics slide because we understand the city is like 1920s Chicago, or 1990s Moscow: Mayors can’t get anything done without making deals with the mob.

Whats with leaders named Ford and walking?

Here’s what I don’t get as an outsider: If Ford is such an obvious buffoon, how did he get elected as mayor? Did he run a crazy effective campaign? His buffoonery wasn’t obvious until after election?

Is it a George W Bush thing?

Yes, it was GWB/Sarah Palin thing, plus his opponent (George Smitherman) is openly gay, which Ford supporters made into an issue. The city of Toronto voted strongly for Smitherman. Outlying areas voted strongly for Ford.

IIRC, he promised the city’s financial problems didn’t require raising taxes or anything. He just had to stop the “gravy train” and other commonsense, down-to-earth solutions.

Of course once in office he had trouble finding the gravy, probably because he had eaten it all.

Well, I’m pretty sure he swallowed the gravy train whole, and as for getting down-to-earth I submit the gif above. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Rob Ford out: The case against the mayor, in brief provides a good quick summary for those unfamiliar with the specific case.

As someone who never had to live under his reign, I have to say it’s been a wonderful ride. Has there ever been a bigger political buffoon in all of North American politics? I think the city of Toronto should secede from the metropolis and leave the suburbs with the idiot they voted for.
Is there anyway we can get a time line of all of Fords controversies? There’ve been so many that I’ve lost track.

It’s funny because he is fat!

Oh and does being fat make him less of a human being? /brettmcd

I always thought it was cheap of his opposition to make fun of his weight issues. Since when has that ever been considered a good idea? Ford may have been a bully to many, but his opponents were no better.

When you say opponents are you referring to political opponents or merely people who don’t like him? In the first case I haven’t heard of such a situation and in the second, people can say whatever they damn well like. He literally fell of the fucking scale!

His size speaks to his unbelievable hypocrisy. I will make fun of his weight just as I will make fun of a social conservative for carrying on with rent boys.

I’m by no means thin but at least I have the self control necessary not to inflate into a 400 pound monstrosity. Also I can throw football without falling over. Time to run for mayor of Toronto!!