McAfee Wanted In Murder Investigation

Please let people forget he was associated with us
Please let people forget he was associated with us
Please let people forget he was associated with us

Funny thing, I run by one of their big corporate offices most days on my runs. It is shockingly larger than you’d think.

McAfee brand got way bigger than McAfee himself. Why? I don’t know.

I’d love for the true story about Peter Norton’s debauchery to come out.

I was thinking about Norton as well. Back in the day his software was great. I loved his defrag. Now, not so much.

Phil Katz died of alcoholism, Steve Jobs used natural remedy woo on his cancer and now John McAfee dies prematurely. Who else?

Not to mention the nefarious exploits of Eugene Kaspersky and Fernando Bitdefender.

How did he Tweet from prison?

Behind the Bastards podcast has an excellent episode or two on him…

Ouch, that’s just mean. But I have to admit I chuckled.

He started Tribal software’s PowWow if anyone remembers that, using his buyout money.

I assume he was low security and had access to a phone. My knowledge of Spanish prisons is basically nil.

Made an excursion to Libertarian twitter today and noped out of there real quick. Did however come across this, since this story clearly needs some more tin foil:

And while we’re at it, how about adding some NFTs to the tinfoil to form some singularity of stupid?

“Because blockchain”

I think I need to start incorporating this phrase into my technobabble.

Yes, because a pointer is on the blockchain, the thing it points to can’t be deleted. Makes perfect sense.

The best way to hide the evidence in that condo would, obviously, be to destroy the entire building in such a fashion as to attract international attention.