McCain - "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran!"

Did anyone else see this clip of McCain at a town hall thing in which he responded to a question about Iraq by singing the chorus of the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann” as “Bomb Iran”?


anyone got a link?

Here you go.

That was a parody song in the early 80s? Too bad no one acted on it then.

There was the minor problem of the USSR, back then.

Stop interrupting people’s fantasies with reality!

As soon as they stop interrupting my reality with fantasy, I’d be happy to.

I still can’t get over how low McCain has sunk. He used to be the great Right hope, a closet libertarian that didn’t want to kill everyone.


Hey, we got Ron Paul; there’s still hope.

Mmm, just read up on him. Me likey, too bad I’m not registered Republican or I’d throw him a vote. (primary is the only chance I’m thinking)


You would think since he was wtfpwned on the Internet just a couple of weeks ago because of his “strolling the streets of Iraq” comment he’d be smart enough not to say something so stupid again. Apparently not. Christ, what a tool.

Well, the Reagan administration was sending them bombs in the 80’s.

I thought this must be a joke? Whats funny about bombing any country? its a dead cert you are going to be wiping out at least some civilians, plus a whole bunch of people who may not want to serve in their army etc etc.
Im guessing this mccain guy won’t be personally joining the air force to go risk his neck?
Am I missing something, this is a spoof yes? If not, why isn’t this on the news?

At first glance I thought this said Ru Paul.

Probably not, since he was a naval aviator, not air force. (While there are tons of things you can criticize him on, you can’t say he doesn’t have any experience with war).

Yeah, I have nothing to say against the guy’s toughness, bravery, or service to the country, I’m just disappointed in his ideological about-face lately.


In the quest for absolute power, integrity rarely lasts long. “Straight Talk Express” indeed.

How do you think I saw it? Fox News and MSNBC have been running it all morning.

cliffski- FYI: Those with strong opinions regarding issues should probably be a little bit informed regarding said issues.