McCain - "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran!"

She’s got my vote honey. Love to see who she wears to the G8 summit.

What was the context of this? McCain tends to be a lot less scripted then most politicians, but I doubt he would do this randomly. Was he responding to a question?

Then the song would be “bombbombbomb-bombforiran”

Read the original post that you quoted.

Did anyone else see this clip of McCain at a town hall thing in which he responded to a question about Iraq by singing the chorus of the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann” as “Bomb Iran”?

I have a buddy who says he is now voting for McCain because he sang this song.

McCain vote-winning master strategy confirmed

Doesn’t surprise me. The question McCain responded to was a remarkably jingoistic one about when we are going to send an “airmail message” to Iran.

what are you talking about exactly?
I’m in the UK, sorry I dont watch fox news, or know which branch of the armed services this guy served in. I dont gvie a fuck if he was at the head of a cavalry charge in vietnam. Dropping bombs is no joking matter and never ever should be. I don’t see any problem with me offering that opinion. And considering bombing people to be a serious matter is a ‘strong opinion’ since when?

You’re proud of your lack of knowledge? How wonderful. McCain’s status as a former POW is the defining fact regarding his public persona. He’s only run for President once and is considered a likely candidate to gain the Republican nomination in 2008.

Your aggressively ignorant pacism is a truly bizarre combination of character traits. What happened to the pussy who wanted England to apologize to Iran for violating their territorial waters?

cliffski – a snippet from wikipedia FYI:

The man’s got balls bigger than Mons Meg – I’ll have enormous respect for what he’s done, no matter how much of a jingoistic suckup he becomes. Not a chance in hell I’ll ever vote for him, though.

Edit: Here’s what depresses me about McCain – he’d always struck me as a guy who was absolutely, utterly committed to doing the right thing, personal consequences be damned, while at the same time being thoughtful and pragmatic enough that he wouldn’t go barreling on into massive clusterfucks (thus his reputation for being a “maverick”). However, as he’s geared up for this latest run for the oval office, he’s completely ditched all that, and is going the standard political tool suckup route; while it’s probably endearing him to the GOP powers-that-be, he’s lost my respect as a politician. And any chance that I’d vote for him.

I think the only people more furious than moderates and liberals at Bush are Republican libertarians. There’s a new guy at our office who is politically my opposite number in almost every way - but we agree Bush is one scarey motherfucker and what the GOP currently stands for is nothing like what it was intended to be. He told me about Ron Paul and got me to look at his website. Check out the stickers there. My favorite is the image of an impish Bush-boy peeing on the globe just like that redneck decal.

Damn. I don’t think I can see Obama or Hilary publically displaying that kind of public disdain and getting away with it.

In every other repect though that’s not my cup of tea. I’m voting Democratic into the forseeable future. The Republicans really need some time in the wilderness to sort things out before they’re allowed to run anything again.

I just saw the clip, and as far as I tell it sounds as a comment on the belligerence of the question rather than as a belligerent response in itself. As in a ‘now you are singing that bomb Iran song again’ way.Though it is difficult to know with the limited context given.

On a related note, I’m suddenly getting a lot of McCain for President banner ads on QT3 now :)

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oh dear. you were probably one of those people who wanted to nuke tehran in the same situation. Your probably feeling a bit silly over those thoughts now aren’t you?

oh no… I see that you are still looking for a good reason to bomb them.

Constantly threatening to bomb the iranians… thats a great way to encourage them to get nukes. Nuclear weapons are the only way a country can be sure america will not bomb them. We know pakistan has OBL, and yet theres no bombing there.

We did “act on it during the 80s”, or rather we pushed our favorite regional dictator into doing it for us. But hey, it worked out so well for the US the last time, let’s step in and do it ourselves this time, right?

Right. Do it right this time. You would rather just let them get nukes and see where that goes?

Your probably feeling a bit silly over those thoughts now aren’t you?

Over what thoughts? You just invented a viewpoint for me, decided it was wrong, and are laughing at me for holding it. And you don’t know the contraction of “you are” is(nor the appropriate capitalization protocol for written English).

Also, yes, I’m sure if America just stopped threatening to bomb them they’d stop trying to acquire nuclear weapons. Your grasp of politics is quite subtle, most people get fooled by the fact that America hasn’t threatened to bomb Iran or that any American bombings of Iran that people advocate are a response to Iran’s nuclear program. You cut through facts and causality with your buzzsaw-like intellect.



Wow, you seriously need some therapy dude. Or anger management classes.