McCain Campaign: Obama voters are basement-dwelling D&D players

It’s like there’s a contest to find the silliest slur possible.

This is part of their blogger’s response to the speculation that McCain might have ripped off the cross story.

It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman’s memory of war from the comfort of mom’s basement, but most Americans have the humility and gratitude to respect and learn from the memories of men who suffered on behalf of others.

It’s a theme with this guy.

My theory is that he’s got vestigial anger issues from failing his saving throw against a black dragon’s acid breath and therefore being unable to get resurrected. I don’t suggest this from experience or anything. It’s just a theory I’m floating out there, but not because I’d know what that’s like.


Oh dear. This is both hilarious and pathetic. D&D’ers (and nerds in general) have never been politically homogenous. My high school group in the '80’s had a socialist, a democrat, a couple republicans, me (libertarian), a fascist wannabe, and so on. Nice way to simultaneously alientate a bigger block of voters than you realize and show how out of touch you are, Goldfarb.

He’ll be calling us internet weenies next. Yeah, everyone who uses the internet is a weenie, man!

Fess up, Tom. You were his DM, weren’t you? And you gave him the “special” saving throw d20, the one that you’d weighted to roll 1’s most of the time.

He’s clearly a self-hating former DnD player, just look at him:

If you think that guy wasn’t playing a rules-lawyering half-elf at some point, you’re kidding yourself.

Alternate thread title: McCain Campaign plays the nerd card!

You’re all missing the point. Obviously, this means someone on McCain’s staff has been reading Qt3.


Isn’t it from conservative pundits we’ve seen editorials like “The Empire Was Right” about Star Wars or how the new Batman film celebrates Bush’s ideology? Hell, it was McCain, himself, back in 2000 comparing himself to Luke Skywalker…

To be fair, it was from bloggers and not McCain. But - D&Ders? LOL!

He’s the official blogger, the one guy with that position. It’s not like Obama’s site where anyone can sign up and make a blog.

And now it turns out that last time he did this he had to apologize.

If he did it again despite having to apologize last time, the guy really does have issues.

I cracked up

what alignment is Barack Obama?

Chaotic Awesome?

It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd…

Hey! I resemble that remark!

(his font got serifs goddam)

Obviously cesare’s photoshopping caused Goldfarb to back down before the rickroll bombs were dropped. Nerds 1, Campaign Flak 0.

There’s a rather unhealthy synergy between this, and the attitude of certain segments of the RPG (and specifically D&D) playing community who wear the marginalisation of the hobby as a badge of pride. One of the sillier arguments I’ve seen against 4th Edition D&D is that, by being so easy to understand and play, it removes the barriers to entry that keep stupid people out of the hobby.

Wow, are you serious? Why should they care what the intelligence level in some other basement is? And don’t they realize how tenuous the survival of PnP roleplaying is at this point? The last thing a niche hobby needs are barriers to entry…

Every D&D campaign I’ve played in has had at least one stupid person.

Playing D&D makes me stupid. I like playing stupid characters.

But yes, the elitist arguments over 4E making the game too approachable for new players has brought me endless hours of joy.