McCain Campaign: Obama voters are basement-dwelling D&D players

Say what you want, but if I memorized a decade and a half’s worth of Sage Advice columns for nothing, I’m going to nerd reference.

I play D&D and I support Obama. But I don’t live in my mom’s basement, goddammit! I have my own friggin basement where I keep my dice and my internet machine.

His point is that people can’t criticize war if they’ve never been in it. They just play at war from their basements and shit. Where he went wrong is in forgetting that the best supporters of the war think we could win it with a well-planned Battletech strategy they discovered just last week.

Whereas Michael Goldfarb can play at war because he has a BA in military history.

Oh, and he worked on the Project for a New American Century, which should disqualify him from even opening his mouth, let alone criticizing others.