McCain easily beating Clinton and Obama in Rasmussen poll

It sounds like at the moment if Clinton wins the nomination a huge number of blacks say they won’t vote for her, and if Obama wins, a large number of white Democrats won’t vote for him.

Okay, so this poll goes against every other poll ever. Is this just a bullshit survey or have the recent dustups and scandals had that much of an effect? Anyway, I doubt it will last.

Even though we’ve gotten comments from all three candidates about the others, I’d like to make the argument that the polls won’t be very accurate until the final two start their first actual debate against each other.

I’m of the mindset that McCain is looking better now while he only has to toss comments about his potential Democrat competition to the press, versus being on the stage right next to them.

I’ll also be interested, should Obama become the nominee, how much the age and appearance differences will come into play during that first debate with McCain.

It’s much too early to say more than “that’s interesting” and move on, even if this poll is truly representative of the electorate at large.

Once Clinton or Obama start hanging Bush around McCain’s neck constantly, he won’t be looking so good. A McCain presidency will be Bush’s third term.

I can’t agree with that. McCain has a proven record of bipartisanship, so much so that many hard-core conservatives dislike him on that basis alone. He’s also smarter and more principled than Bush. While I don’t support him as strongly as I did in 2000, I still believe he’d be a big step up from the current administration. So would Obama. Clinton? Not so much.

Huh. I consider the prospect of a McCain presidency distinctly worse than that of a third Bush term in some respects, though you and I have very different perspectives on politics Dave. Either way I can’t take this poll too seriously. McCain’s biggest advantage right now is that no one is going after him, and he’s not in a position where has to go after someone else. That’s not going to last, and McCain has some very exploitable weaknesses (e.g. his age) that are going to hurt him a lot once the actual fight starts.

McCain is a conservative, the dislike from some conservative circles is that he wouldn’t get on his knees quickly enough for them back in 1999. They’ll still vote for him in the general, at least his 8 years of pandering has given him that much.
Sadly, I think this election will be framed as Moderate White Guy McCain vs. Angry Black Liberal Obama/Hillary Clinton. And people will buy it, and I will sigh.

Yup, and the poll numbers quoted in the OP reflect that, no question.

African-American support for Clinton has collapsed, falling to 55% in the general election match-up

I find it more than a little implausible half the black vote will go to McCain under any circumstances.

I agree that it’s too early to get worked up over these results, but then again it’s been close at the very least all along. It does demonstrate the potential negatives of a continuing battle between Hillary and Obama, as they continue to take shots at each other.

However, I do disagree a bit about McCain being ignored. Hillary pounds away on him about Iraq and Obama specifically mentioned his foreign policty “gaffe” in his speech the other day. The problem is that as long as the media is focused on Hillary vs. Obama, those type of comments will get minimal coverage. That’s why it’s important, IMHO, that the Dems resolve their race sooner rather than later.

Maybe if Hillary wins the nomination, black people will form their own political party.

I agree that, while disconcerting, it’s too early to make much of these numbers. I don’t know why they’re even polling on this issue yet. I guess because some people are asking, but I know it ain’t me. As Mr. Meister says, there’s not much point until the nominees start their debates.

Want to have some fun? Look up other polls on the site from the days before other primaries, and compare them with actual results! HA!

He’s also smarter and more principled than Bush.

That’s not exactly a very high hurdle.

Also, Our two biggest problems are economics and the war. McCain says he doesn’t know much about economics, was one of the Keating 5 regarding the last lending crisis in america, and makes multiple gaffes about the sunni and shia populations of the places where we are having war at.

He proudly proclaims ignorance on the biggest issues facing the country, and the press corps won’t call him on it because he invites them to fucking barbecues.

Clinton releases her records and the VERY first report filed is about her whereabouts while bill was getting a BJ.

Billions of fucking dollars going to waste, thousands of lives, The dollar and wall street are tanking, and all we get out of the fourth column is blowjobs and barbecues. Nero can fiddle while rome burns, Bush can play guitar while New Orleans Drowns, and we can politely ignore the NSA tapping all of our phones and internet traffic because too many people are watching “24”.

It’s up to nerds on the internet to turn things around, by telling your friends and family facts, and backing them up with links. Reporters sure as hell aren’t doing it.

Rant on brother bago!

Couldn’t agree more.

I think you mean the National Archives released her records. To my understanding, the ones that she controls (taxes, etc) have not yet been released. I believe this is an important and not-terribly-subtle difference when you consider how we all are looking for better transparency in future leaders.

So you’ve joined the Ron Paul campaign?

There are some people doing good work. Balko, Greenwald, Marshall, and Froomkin. But when I get a call from my mom repeating the same lazy ass bullshit that makes it onto the 6:00 news, and have to put it in perspective by bringing up these little salient facts, such as the fact that she pays a higher percentage of her income in taxes than the fund managers who are being given a huge ass bailout for taking senators like McCain to lunch, or who are doing things like ordering marines to bypass weapons caches so they can get to baghdad for a photo-op, which results in those weapons caches being used to kill those very same marines like her son, my brother.

When I have to connect these dots because the bobbleheads are talking about blowjobs and barbecues , I get pissed off.

Maybe you need to come my barbecue and get a blowjob to relax a bit. I heard on the news the other day that the Emperor’s Club girls are quite nice.

Clinton releases her records and the VERY first report filed is about her whereabouts while bill was getting a BJ.

So, as someone who has been in the library all day working on a paper (ha!)… where was she?