McCain smacks Obama

Well, Obama apparently ticked off McCain enough for McCain to publically lash out at him:

I have high hopes for Obama, but I also have fears from seeing and hearing him frequently (living here in Illinois) that he is getting caught up in the political machine and being seduced by the power dangled in front of him.

Wow - that’s quite a poison pen there. Is that typical of McCain’s style? If he’s like that regularly, then I don’t see it as being blunt/honest, but as being a jerk (even if he’s in the right on the issue in question - I have no idea about that).

Maybe McCain found out who the real father of his “black baby” is…

Fuck McCain. Nobody besides those two knows what happened, but everything I’ve seen from Obama makes me think he’s absolutely forthright, and McCain has shown himself to be a disingenuous partisan whipping-boy on several occassions.

Question: why would McCain not take this to Obama directly? How can releasing this publicly be considered anything but partisan gamesmanship?

McCain’s got an excuse if Obama released his letter to the public first and if it’s really as accusatory as he makes it sound. I lost all respect for McCain after he started kissing up to Bush after the 2000 primary and it hasn’t improved since.

Obama’s original letter is here:

McCain’s got a bit of a crazy-old-man streak (which is why he’s always fun to watch when he makes the late night talk show rounds).

It’s all part of a clever plan where they have a big public row, settle their differences, and run on a two-party presidential ticket in '08.

Was Obama backpedaling on his commitment? I don’t know. What I do know is that I never want John McCain to be mad at me for anything, ever.

I’m not a big fan of Obama, but McCain, underneath that attractive “doing it my own way” exterior, is insane. Crazy batshit insane. His reputation among staff on the Hill is that he’s a very smart, very charismatic loon.

Well, Obama apparently ticked off McCain enough for McCain to publically lash out at him:

Oh my, how very arch. And,yeah, clearly the work of a loon.


That site now has all three letters – Obama’s original letter, McCain’s response, and Obama’s second letter.

Ah, DC drama.


I predict the next letter will read something like this:

Ah, Crazy Old Man McCain, ya gotta love him.

Next thing you know, he’ll be railing against kids nowadays, with their guns, and booze, and makeout parties.

What I heard on the news here in Chicago last night was that McCain had talked with Obama about working with him to develop a bipartisan plan to address the issue. Obama agreed. Then apparently someone in the Democratic party told Obama that he needed to stick with the 100% Democratic plan and quit working with McCain on the bipartisan approach, that it would be better for the party if it was a partisan plan. Obama said yes sir. McCain got pissed that Obama decided to go that route and aired his irritation for the world to see.

Aww, they’ve kissed and made up.

Just imagine they’re smiling.

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

That grinning McCain is awesome :)

It really needs a certain squaking noise to go with it, so as to suggest he is struggling to extrude an extremely voluminous turd.

we also need the “grinning” mccain hugging bush after he endorsed him. and a link to that website on how to tell if someone if faking a smile.